Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crochet Dishcloth Challenge # 28 through 34

       Okay - this week's dishcloths :-)  I had hoped to have the Easter ones finished.... but, being the lazy crocheter.... there is a little finishing up stitching to do.... and somehow they are still in my sewing basket.. along with a pair of booties that will finish up a little layette that will have to wait for next week!

   #28 in the crocheted dishcloth series is called Lavender Lane :-)   Pictured on the bottom left, it is a little bit lacy and very pretty.  It uses single, double and treble crochet stitches to get the pattern.

Bottom center is #29 - Lacy Violets.  Violets are the February flower and these are really pretty.  Of course, they are made separately and stitched on.... but it was easy to do!  Big effect for a little extra effort :-)

#30 Bottom right is the Cross Stitch Dishcloth.  Using double crochet stitches crocheted over each other, it creates a little X in the pattern.  Very nice effect and works up quickly!

Top Left is #32 Evergreens in the Round - only I used royal blue :-)  I liked the technique on this one.  It was quick, easy and a surprise.  The edging is doubled - both a blue edge AND a white one.  I don't really care for for the way it turned out - I would probably just do the white if I did the pattern again.

#33 - top center - was my favorite of this batch!  The Carnation - January flower was really unusual to do.  Basically it is crocheted as a circle with the center ruffles worked at the end.  I LOVE items that are really simple and look impressive :-)

And then #34 the Snowflake... It is a basic granny stitch in a hexagon shape with a snowflake appliqued in the center.  The lazy crocheter will probably not do this one again :-)  BUT it did turn out well.  The instructions were a little tricky but once I got the hang of it - and matched against the illustration provided, it came along.

I didn't skip # 31!  The Shamrock was first shown on 3/16 - in time for St Patrick's Day :-)

    Not too much, but that's it for this week.  The other projects I am working on are still growing!

Thanks for reading :-)

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