Thursday, April 14, 2011

How's your Lent?

I like Lent... I also like that it is almost over!

It gives me the reason and the freedom to let my mind ramble about spiritual things.  It's a time when we go into the desert with Jesus.   Okay - figuratively speaking...  but we do without our normal daily treats.  Or, if we don't actually go without.... we are often much more aware of what we are doing.  I think even when we fail to 'give up' or 'reach out', when we are thinking about it, we are moving toward it.  We know this is Lent.

So, I wonder... how did Lent enter your life this year?  I mean, were you ready?

Did you arm yourself with a list of impossible goals that tripped you up right away?  Those are nice... because then somehow you can give yourself a free pass for the rest of Lent because it was too hard and you don't have time to start over planning something new.

Did you decide to give up something?  How's it going?  I usually fail miserably with that one.  When I choose to stop eating something for ANY other reason, I do pretty well.  BUT when I do it for Lent.... it's like I am DRIVEN to eat it.  I go out of my way to FIND it.... so that's not a really good practice for me.  Food is an issue with me so it's better not to use it until I can handle it better.

Are you doing something more spiritual reading... or visiting sick people from your church?   I am working on an online course - and writing these reflections.... I am concerned about the time involved in the course, though I think it will work out fine... the reflections blog is actually are doing more for me.  But again, time has been a factor and I am not sure that Uncle Sam or my accountant are happy with my Lenten observances.

Did you choose not to observe Lent?  I've done that before.... which actually was a kind of observance because not only did I recognize it as part of my life  (by choosing NOT to observe it), I also thought about it the whole season.  The joke was on ME.... I think God has hold of me anyway.

When you read the different gospel accounts, I like that one writer says Jesus WENT into the desert.. and another says Jesus WAS DRIVEN into the desert.... I think Lent is like that...

However Lent came to you... whether you WENT willingly or WERE DRIVEN into it... I hope this time of thought and preparation and action and INaction brings you closer to God and better able to withstand the temptations all around you.

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