Friday, April 8, 2011

Not apologizing

I think better with a pen in my hand.

Crazy, huh?

That pen is sometimes a crochet hook.

But I'm through apologizing.

I AM paying attention to what you are saying.

Maybe MORE attention with my hands moving.

With still hands, listening as hard as I can.... I might get HALF of what you say... but it doesn't stick.  No matter how hard I try... if my hands are still, your voice gets caught in the muddly jumble of all the things bumping around in my head.... groceries, things to do, family issues, current events, the latest books I am reading.... everything...  sometimes the voice can't even get IN!

With a crochet hook, your thoughts are entering my brain and I will think about them and respond.  Busy hands, for me, open the door of my brain and help welcome in your voice.

But with a PEN..... your thoughts are rolling through my brain AND getting re-interpreted and coming out the other side. Somehow, if I have a PEN in my hand, your voice is welcomed in.... and gets its own place in my head AND has a way to come through to the other side.  When I am writing, my thoughts are becoming more clear.... your thoughts are not only adding to my 'thought' collection... but also becoming part of my life.

So if I am moving around while you speak to me...

Do not get angry.

Be flattered.....

More of what you say is getting through and will bear fruit.

I am taking notes

...and not apologizing for how I am made.

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