Thursday, April 7, 2011


Okay - I promised!  Here is a start on the arms routine.  I plan on doing them daily BUT will absolutely COMMIT to every other day.

Strength exercises - REALLY pushing - should be done every other day... simply to give the muscles a chance to heal.

Below is a start - I am not sure that it is enough... I will see how it goes and report back!

Daily - 1 - 2 sets 12-15
Pushups- usually off the kitchen counter or washing machine.  My weight is on fully on my arms and I am slanted and on my toes

Dips- backward off the same counter or washing machine :-)  Works the tricep muscles

One-Armed Row - works each arm and back muscle separately (with weight that is handy.... water bottle / can of food / detergent bottle / whatever!)

One-Arm Cross Row - engages more of the back muscle (use weight that is handy)

One of the things that stops me from exercising is thinking that I cannot do a good job because I am not in a gym or dressed properly or have the time to get out the equipment, etc.  I am determined to STOP this way of thinking.  A can of soup weighs approximately ONE pound... there is NO reason I can't take whatever is HANDY that I can get a grip on.... and do these exercises!

WAITING until I can do it perfectly will be WAITING until I lose my muscle tone!

DUMB idea :-)

So I will start here and move forward!

If you have a good idea of an exercise to add to my portable ANYWHERE ARMS routine - let me know!

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