Thursday, April 21, 2011

53 Days to Health & Fitness Update

...53 Days left in the 60 day challenge... week in.... I am glad I took the time to get a game plan going on!

  Life threw me a couple of curve balls.... OF COURSE.. we can always plan on that!  I expected the "busy" curve balls.  Those are the ones I can count on.  The ones that derail me though, are the ones that come out of nowhere!  Especially the emotional ones.  And I had one of those that knocked my weekend out...  Not only did I have an emotional episode.... I had BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES in the house.. yikes!   Well.. you know the rest of the story...  So the weekend was really really hard.

Let's see... curveball #1... refrigerator/freezer died.... BOO!!  We are lucky - we have a dedicated freezer and an old overflow fridge in the garage.  We didn't lose any food... but we DID have to run up and down the stairs to get food... EASY to do for pizza... HARD to do for apples!

My husband played with it for a couple of days and has ordered parts.  (Sounds weird, I know... but we live SO far out that repair people won't come see us for under $200 - so we have to decide whether to pay that AND buy a new refrigerator.... or just buy a new one..)  Anyway, he got it running and we've kind of decided to be minimalistic about what lives in there.  I think I will empty it once a month or so - and incorporate what's left into meals

But thank goodness for habits!  My food plan is awesome and still working... it's one of the best things I ever came up with.  It is easy to remember and follow.

Creating my own snack packs was a good thing - both frugally & convenience-wise.  Doesn't take much time and is easy to incorporate into my weekly food management.

The other habit that is standing me in good stead is scheduling my exercise!  Even if I miss a session, the next session is already on the calendar.... so it becomes a habit and I don't miss the next one!

My net for the week was pretty good:  I lost 1.5 pounds and 2 inches.. 1.5 in one area and .5 in another.. Not so tickled to see the bicep shrink... but I will visualize that it was tightening!  The waist though....  happy, happy news!

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