Monday, April 11, 2011

60 Days to Better Health - My Plan

..hmm.... can I do it??

Swimsuit season is upon me..... dance recital in early June...  with my change in eating for health, I am eating higher calorie items.... (and still plenty of junk, I admit it!).. and I've been lazy with my movement lately.  It SOUNDS like I exercise a lot - because of classes and what-not... but other than scheduled classes, I am a SLUG!  I am sitting here MUCH of the time... and when I'm not... my nose is in a book or I am crocheting.   So my fingers are quite thin and fit..... but it's my torso (which houses my HEART) that I am concerned about.

Of COURSE... a little vanity in there :-)  But a little vanity is not a bad thing!

Overall goal: HEALTHY LIFE HABITS.... with some weight loss and toning up along the way :-)  I still don't feel like I can stick to a strict regimen for life..... BUT some of these habits do stick and help to maintain the weight loss.  And maybe I will pick up more habits along the way :-)  I am thinking that maybe a strict 60 days.... and then a more relaxed 60 days.... and then maybe strict again.... might be a useful pattern.  Worth a try anyway to shave off a few pounds before summer :-)

So.. here is what I have plotted out so far...

Initial measurements (which I will take tomorrow - I will not share them - but I WILL share + or - pounds and inches each week)

Food:  I took my general plan listed on my 'Food Rules' page.... and gotten specific:
          Meal # 1     1-2 grain carbs, 1-2 protein, 1 fruit
          Snack #1     protein, fruit
           Meal #2     1-2 grain carbs, 1-2 protein, 2-3 veggies
          Snack #2     protein, veggie
          Meal #3      1-2 grain carbs, 1-2 protein, 2-3 veggies
          Snack #3     protein, fruit

**** I wrote down my 'usual' foods and tweaked them to fit these parameters... for instance, for breakfast I have about 3 different things I usually eat.. but I often forget the fruit.... so I will NOT forget it for the next 60 days.

**** My plan is to pack as much of the food as possible... pre-package it so it is easy to grab and transport... like baggies of baby carrots or celery with hummus.  Get as specific as possible to make your life simpler!

****Dinner is prepared for the family so I will ENJOY my meal with them but try to keep within my parameters.  I can always forfeit that last snack if I overdo.

Exercise:  Schedule in your life 3 strength sessions and 3 cardio sessions per week.  Seriously.... SCHEDULE IT.   Putting your exercise on your To Do List helps make it happen!

For me, I want to push a little harder than that so I am merging the classes I already take, my 3Day walking along with 3 upper body workouts & a minimum of 3 aerobic dvds (prob 30 minute ones)

**** I wear my pedometer so I can do less walking.
        For example, 2000 steps is approximately one mile.  If I have 3 miles on my schedule.... and I do 1 of them in my dance class, I will have to do 2 to finish up.

**** What I will be watching for is signs of overtraining.  NOT getting injured is important and so is rest.

60 Days.... takes me to June 10..... want to join me as I work through this?  What can we accomplish in the next 60 days?  If you are interested, I can post my eating and/or exercise plan.  I do have it plotted out day by day.  I usually go back and fill in the actual afterwards so I can review it later if I want.. (but I never do :-)

What suggestions do YOU have that help make healthy eating and movement part of your life?

What problems to you face that derail your efforts?

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  1. I am soooo in this with you. Since I was offline nearly all of last week I have been retweaking my exercise and food plans as well and have seen the scales ever so slightly start moving downward!

    Let's do it!