Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crochet Dishcloths #35 through #40 and the Easter patterns

These cloths have been so much fun!  The site has even asked for volunteers to create designs and I am messing around a little trying to come up with one....hmmm..... never thought about actually designing something of my own :-)

Little side story.... I mentioned to my daughter that I was playing with a dishcloth challenge and making way too many to ever use :-)  BEFORE I could mention that I would probably be giving dishcloths to everyone I knew for Christmas - she popped up and said - you can always send them my way... there is NOTHING better for cleaning kitchen or babies than your handmade dishcloths!  It made me chuckle because - before baby - she thought dishcloths were unsanitary and she always used disposable wipes.  A few more messes has changed her mind :-)

The other thing I laughed about is that I KNOW how many afghans and scarves and other things I have made for her..... and the DISHCLOTHS.... are the things she treasures most!

So... there you go.... make some - you'll see!

Anyway - here are the next 6 in the series

Bottom left - Open Shell Dishcloth.. in the bright variegated oranges & green - quick to work up, pretty AND feels like it will be a good scrubber :-)  I enjoyed working on this one!

Center Bottom is #36 - Snow Lady.... I know, it's spring already but the challenge is #1 through #365 SO... challenge-wise, it's only February :-)   This one is cute and not too hard to follow... BUT it had to sit in my sewing basket for a while until I could get the crocheted buttons sewn on and the face embroidered - so it took a lot longer than it should have!

#37 is on the bottom right.  The Textured Crochet Dishcloth in mint turned out really well.  It has a nubby texture to it that will make it a great dishcloth and the edging makes it really pretty.

The top one on the left is #38 Two Steps Forward Dishcloth.  It took me a little bit to get the technique down....basically working a double crochet stitch backwards over 2 double crochet stitches making a little cross.  The only thing I would change is the yarn.  Instead of a variegated (the pattern calls for), I would use a solid so the stitches could be seen better.  At any rate - another successful cloth that is useful AND pretty at the same time!

In the center on top is the Spiral Crochet Dishcloth in gold & a multi to contrast.  Definitely a challenge, but do-able once you get the hang of the pattern.  I loved the effect but I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner.  It's thick enough I might be tempted to use it as a trivet.

And the sixth one for this week, #40 - Plum Inspired Dishcloth.  I didn't have a plum color so I used a medium blue.  I particularly liked the edging on this one.  It was easy enough, too, that I could see making a set of two or three of these as a gift.

And... just in time for Easter,  I did the 3 Easter- themed ones that have appeared so far:

These Easter cloths turned out pretty cute!  You could easily use them as washcloths for the kids too  and make bathtime more fun!

From the left #71 - Easter Egg Dishcloth.... very easy single crochet in an egg shape with a half-double crochet edging

In the center, #80 - Easter Bunny Dishcloth - just a little tricky getting the ears shaped with front post double crochet stitches.  The bows are crocheted separately and stitched on and then the features and necklace are embroidered.

And, finally, on the right is #82 - Little Quacker Dishcloth.  Another one with single crochet in a shape - these are fairly easy to do if you are careful about following the instructions.  The beak was crocheted right onto the duck... the wing was crocheted separately and sewn on and the eye was embroidered.

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