Friday, July 18, 2014

I Choose

Today is one of my FAVORITE days!

nope - not Friday, per se

But a day with no obligations

A day I get to stay home and catch up on chores
Or go somewhere and play

I choose

A day where I wake up and STRETCH

and no matter HOW I feel.... it's a day where anything can happen

I choose

Puttering and putzing around the house.... vacuum, laundry, dishes (which I would do anyway!)
   but perhaps checking out the pantry & freezer to set up meals for the week ahead
     perhaps moving some plants around in the garden or trimming back shrubbery
    perhaps getting the crockpot going on something for dinner where I can freeze the leftovers....
    Perhaps a walk in the outdoors or a trip to the farm
    most certainly some sewing and/or crocheting AND an extra chapter or two in the most recent book

I choose

     I moved some marigolds which have re-seeded from last year....  I picked the first of the year's apple crop...  I snuck in a chapter already...
I plan to vacuum and do a load of laundry (maybe)... cut & freeze the apples and make stromboli tonight for the kids coming over...
      a border to piece for the current quilt class and a couple of blocks to cut for my next inspiration project.... some baby flip flops to work on for a friend's request...
     sweep the porch to help me enjoy yet another chapter this afternoon

But the point is

I choose :-)

And that makes this a perfect day!

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