Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Work In Progress July 16, 2014

  My plans were to show off actual quilting works-in progress but it is SO SLOW!  (FUN.. but time-consuming!)

So - I have one thing to share

This is a quilt started in 2007 from a Debbie Mumm Block of the Month that really caught my eye!  I used mostly fabrics I already had as I put this together... a little bit in 2008 and finished the piecing in 2014.. And now the quilting!  I am machine quilting and teaching myself to do more than just follow the seam lines (called stitching in the ditch!). 

I am trying to echo the outlines and whatever other design I can finagle from my sewing machine walking foot...  deciding block by block as I go along.

Anyway - I thought I would share a couple of the crochet projects I have that are ongoing.

In my quest for projects to use up yarn, I found a crochet along called Vertical Textures Crochet Along sponsored by String with Style.   Using a variegated yarn I didn't know what to do with and a couple of large skeins of navy blue, I have gotten through Week 3 of 5 (probably months instead of weeks for me - but still going!)

Fortunately Week 4 is only one panel and Week 5 is crocheting together so I am a month or so away from finishing!  When I hit Week 5, I will lay out my connecting color choices in my stash and you can help me decide!

Once upon a time (5 years ago) when I learned I had two grandgirls on the way, I bought and played with a LOT of baby yarn!  (And have since discovered that little yarn and little hooks is NOT a fave!)  I have given away most of the yarn.  I did keep some though and am working on squares that I will put together into afghans once I finish working them up. 

I can easily work on this project in the car.. so I usually get one or two skeins worked up each month and then do a round of white.

A second ongoing project that I can do in the car is a 'grammy ghan'.  My husband's mother - called Grammy - died a few years ago.  My father-in-law gave me her yarn stash - 2 boxes.. and I decided to try and do something special with her yarn. 

The colors did not go together at all - but I do love a challenge :-)  The picture below is a few of the squares and skeins..

I found a pattern, Red Heart yarn's Scrap Quilt Throw, that seemed to be a good vehicle for using up the yarn.  Then I chose a variegated yarn - actually chosen by family as the worst variegated I have ever purchased....  but it has a lot of the same colors in it and really looks good as the outer rim of the squares.  At any rate, the variegated will tie together the other random colors and it will be all hers!  (and a little bit mine :-)  Once labeled though, one of my kids will cherish and pass it down, I am sure :-)

I can see that this winter I will be sewing a LOT of afghan squares together!

What are YOU working on this week?

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