Sunday, July 27, 2014

Church, what is it?

What do you think of when you hear the word CHURCH?

A place you to go worship?

A group of family and friends?

A relationship?

An obligation?


I struggle with this one.

I do not feel a real obligation - but I do feel a need inside

I want a place to go to worship with others

I want a special time set aside to gather.

I want an extended group of people I feel safe with - that are part of my everyday life.

I want something my husband and I can do together

The religion I was raised in is a culture as much as a religion.  ('Religion' is not the same as 'church' so I am leaving that out of the discussion as much as possible)

I want a regular opportunity to be inspired.

I want a regular opportunity to be served.


And much of this I have already.

But not at a church.

The church I belong to is more than 30 miles away from my home.

None of the friends I have there are in my daily life.  They are important friends - don't get me wrong - but they are once a week 'meet at church' friends - 'keep in touch by Facebook' friends - not 'stop by for a cuppa' friends.

My husband does not go to church though he will accompany me now and again.   He is not exactly social though he does like people in small doses.

One of the last ties to my church is being cut today.

And I am conflicted.  There are lots of options (including other churches / religions)

Sometimes I think my answer lies in a little more social lifestyle - which will happen when we move closer to a town.  Closer proximity to friends might mean I see them more.  And then I vacillate.. there are friends and churches here in the country too.... I just haven't explored that avenue due to my culture.

But today, I am not sure about the worth of the emotional investment to continue this particular relationship with this particular church -

But I am nervous about losing the contact and finding out what is next.

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