Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Marathon Projects

I was fussing at myself the other day about my photo scanning project.  If you've followed me for a while, you know that in 2012, I started (finally!) scanning photos into my computer!

I had a LARGE (18 gallon) tote box  FULL of random assorted photos I had rescued during Hurricane Isabel (Sept 2003).  Photos in envelopes.... loose photos... and photos that are not salvageable because they got wet and stuck together.  (and yes, I have tried a million things  - and will continue to try them, block by block)

I spent 2012... diligently scanning them in and figuring out which year they belonged in.  I worked throughout my house, locating photographs - and even some letters... to preserve.  I have created a lovely file on my computer with folders by month within year as I scanned them one by one.

And I am down to...... a 20 quart tote..... and envelopes of school photos (and the albums and pictures in frames and a box of historical stuff of my mom's I haven't opened yet)

The tote and envelopes are under my desk.
The albums are downstairs.
The box is stored in an extra bedroom.

All this by year end 2012.

So.. the first question is "why haven't I finished already?"
What happened to the diligence and drive that got me through that first tote?

I gave it a day a week where I spent 30 minutes or so scanning.  I really don't know why I stopped.

Like Mile 18 of a marathon....  the WALL.
   the initial excitement of starting a project is long gone.
    the determination to plod along is also gone.

Yet the race is not over yet.
    The end is not in sight yet - still within mind.
     It will take less time to finish than I have already gone

But I have to reach down to my TOES to get what it takes to move forward.

I remember that feeling....

Mile 18.

I remember KNOWing I could go no further
I remember my brain had to take charge of my body.
I remember chanting.. 'only 8 more miles'... and shouting down the other part of my brain that said "8 flipping miles?"  [only that part of my brain is not so polite]
I had to use my personal determination to finish


Which is the only way I will finish this project

a marathon project

at Mile 18.

I will come up with a plan.  Duh... I already have a plan.  30 minutes a week.  Reporting here when I do it.

(ps..... 12 photos scanned in 15 minutes....  simply scanned, identified by month and year)  so a few more done :-)

Do you have any marathon projects you can finish with me?

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