Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Work In Progress - July 9, 2014

This week's work is not at all what I expected....

I planned to be doing some machine quilting to share with you but am just now getting started on that!

I am ALMOST finished ironing, cutting and trimming the Churn Dash blocks (took longer than I expected)  See Last Wednesday's post for this project!

The bright border pieces (Delightful Stars - also Last Wednesday's post!) are ready to assemble into 4-patch blocks.

I got sidetracked working on potential Christmas ornament ideas for the quilt store where I work - (and, me being me, I will probably make a TON of these at one time so all my friends know what will happen at Christmas!)

Later when I actually finish some, I will hunt down all the places I got inspiration and share with you!

AND..... I am working on finishing up a quilt top using panels that have sandcastles on them!

Still trying to decide on the final border piece.....  either a checkerboard of sand and blue... or a 9-patch of sand and green with a center of blue.  What do you think??

I LOVE this project simply because I pieced blocks to go in between the panel pieces and it makes me feel oh so very clever :-)  [of course, once I finish the top - I will need to create the sandwich and then machine quilt it - so I really NEED to get to the current machine quilting projects!]

What are YOU working on?

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