Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

I am conflicted today.

I have been caught up recently in goals and lists and things I want to accomplish in 2012.  But I do that.... I love my lists.. they help me focus and I get satisfaction from checking things OFF the list.  Even though the reality is that for every ONE I check off, THREE more get tacked on the bottom :-)

And I think goals and focus are important, at least for me - because it is easy to sit back and let your LIFE flow by in a haze of dirty dishes... or accounting statements... or minimizing back pain...  or whatever your daily grind consists of.

But it's also important to remember that New Years Day.... well, it's just a day like any other.  ANY day is a chance at a new beginning..... and this day - despite the hype - is the same.  It's what you make of it.

That's the action part.  It's what YOU MAKE of it.   Life is not lists - and despite my love of neatly compartmentalizing it into a list - lists are not my life.  Lists are PLANS to DO.   Life is DOing.

So, today is a day for remembering NOT to let your life flow by in a haze of lists....  Today is a day for LIVing the life you dreamed of let's get out there and DO!  Let's take walks, eat more vegetables, hug more sincerely and say nice things to ourselves.  Because we are good people who take responsibility for the lives we are creating.  And at the end of the day, we can check off ONE fulfilled day for 2012.

My monthly goals are long (based on the life I will have in 5 years) so I will publish them (and ultimately evaluate them) separately in a page.... I will publish weekly goals in posts as I go along ..

Are you set?  Have you thought of your 5 year dreams?  Re-read my post on 5 year dreams and think about it.  NOW is the time to begin making those dreams a reality.  While you are going through your day today, think of what you want your life to look like in 5 years and jot it down.  And let's start taking steps together right now to make those dreams a reality!

I wish many blessing for you as we journey this next year together...

May you find happiness and peace!

Have a wonderful day!

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