Friday, May 1, 2015

29 Days .....An early start

OKay - so for my 29 gifts in 29 days project

I am supposed to start tomorrow

But ever mindful of who I am

The gift presented itself last night and I am moving ahead...

I have a friend who broke her camera.

I have an extra - not a great one.. but one that was replaced by a gift.

And I couldn't find the charger so I haven't mailed it to her.

The charger magically appeared on my desk last night!
  [okay.. truth... my husband found it behind HIS desk and put it on mine]

But the universe has signaled... START!!!

Camera, manual AND CHARGER.... quickly packed in a padded envelope with a little note.. and I will mail it today!

Day ONE (April 30) ....  something I don't use sent to someone who will.

I am happy!

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