Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 10/90

    I am glad that today is a rest day on my schedule!  I will still walk a bit and I have some Spark cardio I want to finish but it's all good if I don't.

Next week I will be keeping long hours watching my precious grandchildren.  It will be a challenge to see how much official exercising I get accomplished.. though I will be hanging with a toddler and infant - and sometimes two toddlers!   I will definitely be moving!

I have gotten a lot of crafting done this week.... and am still doing well with food.  I was thinking about eating out but still have plenty of food here at the condo and don't want to spend the extra money.  

Today is household catch-up day :-)  Some laundry and some errands.... things I wanted to get for the grands.... cocoa powder and peanut butter (if I can't find PB2) for a recipe I want to try.

Still very very cold...  which limits my walking!  I've been to the beach daily for photos but it's so windy I can't take it very long

I've been trying to learn to meditate... using Oprah's 21 Day course with Deepak Chopra.... and OMG, I am having a hard time!  First there's the commitment to BE STILL for 15 minutes - MUCH harder for me than the commitment to exercise!  And then trying to empty my mind is like trying to empty a lake being filled with a stream..... I even visualize the empty uncluttered space in my head... and the wisps of steam and fog creeping in.  I can envision some value here but this is not easy for a 'do-er'!  A thought rolls in and I want to ACT....  will keep plugging along and see where this takes me.  I'm so uncomfortable being still that it must be good for me!

My husband is sounding really lonely... I think he will be here by Thursday night for the last day of this beach week....  I do miss him but this has been a good thing.  I hope to go home with a clearer head!

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