Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 9/90

I'm enjoying the observations of me here at the beach....  with no one to care for but myself... it's a whole new adventure to just be by myself.... and not just let the time get sucked up by the computer or the activities (work) I brought with me...  I'm staying at a place I know well...  seeing the sites is kind of like being at home so while I love them, it's okay not to go this time.....   I have to make myself do things just like when I'm home.. exercising does not yet come naturally - though wanting to walk outside DOES finally!

If you have known me long, you know that I decided in January 2012 to take a daily walk.... 1 mile... rain or shine.  I rarely miss.. but I treat it like brushing my teeth... a MUST DO.  And now it's a NEED... praise God :-)  The habit concept works for me.  And that was born from logic.... like this...  "They say" (whoever THEY are :-) that a fit person walks 10,000 steps per day.  I wore my pedometer for a week and counted.  My average?  3000 steps.  pathetic,huh?  But it makes sense.... my usual (chosen) occupations are reading, crocheting, writing, computer and quilting.  My ONLY active choice is gardening / yard work... but that is summer only.. and sporadic.

So IF the way I choose to spend my life is sedentary, it makes sense that if I want to be fit, I need to ADD activity.  And what is easier than putting on sneakers and going out the door?  Nothing!  Though sometimes the walk itself was GRUELING... and in the cold weather, I really don't like it.....  but I am finally at the point where the WAY I FEEL with the walk is so much better than without - that it makes the effort worthwhile...   And once I'm actually out the door.. getting through the mile is do-able.   (I must admit that even right this minute, I am looking at sunshine out the window... but I know the temp is in the upper 30s and I DON'T want to go!   But now, it's my brain that doesn't want to go - my body wants to MOVE... so time to change the brain!)

The daily walk was a factor in halting my gradual weight gain and helping me maintain for a year.  Stepping it up now is a way to tone up some more and get back into some of the smaller sizes...  but again it's logical.  My legs are strong... but the rest of me needs to tone up and be healthy.  I want to have (and keep) full range of motion and build strength.  My age constantly reminds me of the creeping decline in my abilities and I want to hold it off as long as possible!  But even this is a test... how can I fit it in my life as a habit and make it easier?  I dont' know yet - so... 90 days!

When I come back and cool down just a bit, I will do a cardio dvd...  today I am testing a Sparkpeople one I got from somewhere.  The Supreme 90 Day schedule calls for "Ultimate Ball" workout - an.d since the ball is back home.... it's cardio.

Food is still good.... I wouldn't call it perfect - but then I'm not following a plan exactly.  I am watching portions, I am eating clean - though not all organic yet - foods, and I am loosely following a plan laid out in Coach Yourself Thin (By Greg and Michael from here)... AND I am writing it all down.   for now.  I am beginning to identify and deal with cravings... and since there isn't any junk here, it's easier.  I hope I deal as well when I get home.

How are you doing?  What is your plan for the day?

so one thing I need to watch out for....  I have identified 5 workout dvds that I can easily get rid of .. I tried them, I don't like something about them and won't use them..... BUT and it's a big but... I am finding myself surfing the net for more!  WHY do I need more?  I need one or two per day... and I need a little variety.  I HAVE THAT.  Why more?  FIRST I need to USE what I have - and identify a NEED... THEN I should look for an answer...  I will have to work on this!

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