Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 7/90

Lazy so far...... but have a lot on the agenda!  I am at the beach and will spend a lot of time walking.  My legs & glutes are still sore from the walks and workout yesterday.... so the dvd for today (LEGS) is not the best choice.  I will either choose the arms/shoulder workout or an ab workout from my collection.  I brought most of my dvds with me to watch - try - see what I will use and what I can get rid of.

[Actually I always forget how many stairs there are here.... my hamstrings are already sore and knees stressed so it DEF has to be a focus on abs and/or upper body plus cardio today for the dvd]

Still logging food.... longest consistent time since I lost weight in 2007 - and I've dropped 2 pounds this week so yay!  I will take measurements sometime this week and see where I am there.    I am proud that I bought groceries but no trouble food :-)  When the munchies hit, it's celery and hummus or baby carrots or a slice of cheddar on rykrisp crackers.... or simply hot tea.   I am ready to break old habits.

I miss my family but am excited about scheduling my own time.... and taking the brain space to work on personal goals and plans.    More later as the day goes on!

Update - did a mile and a half in the cold and windy RAIN!  Yuk!!  But it was a good 25 min of work.... and then did half of Jillian's 6-week 6-pack dvd... beginner level... I only stopped because I was a little dizzy and decided that I'd check out something else later on in the day.  I did like the workout though...  recovering with a gazpacho smoothie...

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