Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 4/90

All in all, yesterday was pretty good - considering that I spent most of it running errands!   And when I came home I tackled our burn pile - so spent a couple of hours outside raking garden plots and burning the old dry pile.

The big FAIL was last night.  I did log my food... I was short a couple of proteins still after dinner and I didn't get my carbs until after lunch.... I noticed this as an observation.  After dinner, I did the dishes and noticed that I was hungry.  I decided to have a bottle of water and my shower and see if I could wait it out.  I was ravenous after my shower... but said... hey, I can do this.

Next trip to the kitchen was disaster.   I snagged a piece of cake that was on the counter.  Not even very good (which is WHY my family hadn't gotten to it already!)  and DEF did not handle the hunger issue... so I ate a piece of string cheese..... followed by a KIND bar..... and after that.... bread with peanut butter.  Just couldn't seem to fill up.  Consequently I had all those calories - AND all that food to digest as I went to sleep.

So this morning I have a nasty headache and am grouchy.  I learned - okay RE-learned - that a) processed sugar products (CAKE) do not fill me up, they only add calories and hunger to my already hungry self and b) I sleep and wake a whole lot healthier and happier if I stop eating within a couple of hours before I sleep and c) my FEELINGS of hunger are not always that.  I am not yet in a place where I can trust my FEELINGS alone.

I do have my first mile done this morning and will do a cardio dvd in a few minutes.  I am home today so will see what opportunities I can find to get more movement in!

Okay - so the dvd didn't happen - mostly because of a houseful sleeping young adults and then getting ready for the my week getaway at the beach.  But in spite of the cold - I did get another half mile.. and when I remember that yesterday was supposed to be a rest day (and I did a dvd anyway).. well, that's grace :-)   Food went very well and is all logged.... I have a snack lined up for tonight IF NEEDED....  good progress!  Leaving Saturday morning for the week - and busy much of tomorrow so still a good bit to do!

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