Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 1/90

1/2 mile walked and Day 1 dvd for chest & back... DONE!  Eating some yogurt now and getting ready to get going on my day....

The plan is to pay close attention to my intake - and UP the outgo...  I am starting with the Supreme 90Day exercise set.... since I own it :-)  I am fairly fit - but not anywhere near being able to do what they do - but it's all good!  Whatever I do today is more than I did yesterday.... so I am pleased.  Also want to take it very slow to prevent injury...  I will try to get another mile or two depending on rain and life.... but all in all... the rest of the day will be business as usual and mindfulness in the food dept :-)

Does anybody else hat the category thing?  My blog is really more of a personal journal offered in a public forum.  I'm not sure any of those categories count for my ramblings and logging

Did pretty well - over by one on the grain carbs and under by 1 on fruit..... also over by several on veggies so that's all good.

Day 1 of the free meditation course offered by Deepak Chopra - I am a total loser in the meditation dept... but maybe the dog's agitation while I try to relax is a part of it.  Will start this over tomorrow  - but will think of the Day 1 thoughts until then
"I commit to living perfect health"    What a cool thing to plant in my brain!

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