Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 13/90

Okay so already today is not going as planned!!  I got my one mile in first thing..... and that is good!  Came back to check emeil before workout and my neighbor called.  I had to go over to her house to give her a hand..... came back and grabbed a half peanut butter sandwich I didn't eat yesterday, walked another mile with the dog and am now checking the email.  STILL need to get a cardio workout in AND breakfast.  And 4 more miles for my 3Day training!   But it's a beautiful day and there are a million opportunities to get physical left in the day :-)

So heading now for 25 minutes of Bob Harper cardio..... and then out for a little yardwork.

Planning on Day 5 TODAY!

Have a great day!

 ***  Did Bob Harper's Inside Out Method: Body Rev Cardio Conditioning  workout 2.  (Supreme 90 Day called for cardio and my shoulders hurt from yesterday's arm work so I tried something else in my collection.... but the SHORT version.  I am shooting for 30 min or less per workout so I don't talk myself out of it!)

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