Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 5/90

1 mile done and 30 min of Billy Blanks Tae Bo (today is arms and shoulders with Supreme 90 Day and I needed an arm workout without extra shoulder stress!)

Still logging and planning food - and a small NSV in my brain :-)  I have been keeping a bottle of water by my bed and trying to drink it in the morning with my coffee.  And I don't like it.. I like my coffee :-)   This morning (on cup #2), I had my usual guilty glance at the bottle and thought.. I don't want that, I want more coffee.   And the NEXT thought... in the very next instant... was...... but coffee dehydrates me and I want that less.   And I drank the water.   And, yes, I then moved on to cup #3.   BUT got the water in - I was surprised and pleased by my automatic thought and reaction.   THAT is the real NSV - a small noticeable LIFE CHANGING behavior.

Today is an algebra class for my son (one hour transit each way) and an evening event at my church....  and heading for the beach tomorrow!  Temps are as cold in OBX as they are here but with WIND!  But for me, my annual March retreat allows me a chance to re-group without a ton of family commitments.  AND a chance to plot out the next 6 months of goals......  depending on how many of my peeps come with me, of course.  But, at a minimum, I lose the distraction of vacuuming and household management.... it scales down to a couple of people and a little condo... instead of large house, pets, yard, errands, apts, church stuff, etc., etc. etc......  

I am mostly packed and just fitting in final stuff today - like the weekly plant watering and winding up the laundry..  will update more later... it's gonna be a great day!

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