Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 11/90

Yesterday was tough!  I just felt tired and dull.

While I did go out and get the gifts I wanted for my grands....  I didn't walk.. well - I did take my lunch to the beach and have a picnic..... gazpacho, a bean tortilla with fresh spinach and broccoli with hummus.  The sun was warm enough to take off my coat so I sat and read for a while.

I just felt tired and bummed... so I guess a rest day was in order!

And I got more craft work done!  I brought my sewing machine with me to the beach thinking that I would have a crafting retreat - and I have done that.  I didn't FINISH much - but I have made headway on several items and done final handwork on a few.

And I wake again still kind of empty and lagging..... and I think I am simply homesick and ready to take up the reins of my life again!  I'm ready to put away my books and craft supplies and go hug my men and my pets.

When I spoke to my beloved last night, it sounds like the demands of the household without me are starting to take a toll!  He had planned on coming down but is now feeling kind of pushed..... and I'm starting to think about my crazy week next week!  I will talk to him again this morning.. but have already started packing up.  If he's not really wanting to actually see the beach, I think I will go to him :-)  I think I will be more comfortable with next week's craziness if I go home and make sure my own home is in order!  Not to mention getting back to my nest :-)  This has been a good experiment... I know I can function on my own.. but I don't have to so the experiment is done!

At any rate - today is a cardio dvd whether I leave or not!  And if in the throes of packing / leaving it doesn't happen - then I will catch a cardio workout on the treadmill when I get home.  Promise!

Oh yeah - the meditation course... I did Day 5 this morning.  This is really really hard for me.. but it feels right..... so on I go.  Somehow I will slog through to Day 21 and see what happens next.

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