Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 3/90

Rest according to the Supreme 90Day schedule.... do SOMEthing according to mine :-)  a 15 min workout from Bob Harper's Warrior Yoga - Abs was my choice!  Plus I need 4 miles for my 3Day training - one is done and will find the time and space to catch 3 more during the day.

Food still being logged.. so my choices are better :-)  It is exciting to think of what I can do in 90 days!  I know that I am building my new life BUT sometimes you need a jumpstart and what better time to do that than Spring!

hmm..... how much clutter can I get rid of in 90 days?  How much cleaning can I do?  How much food can I clear out of my pantry and freezer?    this is a good time to clear the decks!

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