Monday, May 2, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Habits, habits, habits.....

How many of my posts have been about habits? 

Habits keep your world moving in the direction you want it to go.... especially when you don't have the energy or the brain power to make things happen!

On a Monday morning, when you are dragging and complaining, it is simply HABITS that keep your world on track.... the habit of getting a load of laundry on... the habit of making a list of things to do.... the habit of .... well, WHATEVER your habits are!

And when you miss doing the usual things.... your day is OFF.  Life slows down and dishes pile up.... bills don't get paid.... the small everyday things that make up a life... start stacking up causing more stress for less reason!

So... here I am.... way too busy for a week to sit and write... but I know better because NOW.... it's hard to get started again :-)  Lucky for me.... there are topics I usually cover... there is a monthly evaluation to do.... there are crochet dishcloth entries and photos :-) ... the pantry purge needs to be re-started with a new twist... and new ideas to try out and share...

but for today... it's 'back in the saddle'.... picking up a pen (figuratively speaking) and simply writing.  A habit.... a habit that I skipped last week and today it's almost like I never had the habit at all!

Who was the 'expert' that said that 30 days repetition makes a habit?  I take issue with this!  I can think of at least a dozen things in my life that I have done for far longer than 30 days... that disappear without a trace within a day or two of skipping!

The trick, I think, might be to decide which habits you need in your life.... and just commit.... and, if you skip..... just know what has to happen... you HAVE to get back in the groove ASAP!

So, on that note.... I have written a blog and I thank those of you who read this far... and have encouraged me to get back at it!  And I need to go eat breakfast and do a short workout... (more habits that disappear without a trace when I skip them!)

What do YOU need to get up and do now?

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