Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Trip .. Day 7... on the road again

My last morning in a hotel room for a while!  While I love the Hampton Inn.... I am ready to do something else with my day!

I have enjoyed having no distractions in the morning... to write, to do my office stuff...  I will have to see what I can do to re-create this schedule when I get home.  You'd think as a home manager that I would be able to set any schedule I choose - but not so much!  Somehow I have more interruptions than ever!  But maybe it's ME getting distracted..... I'll have to think on that...

BUT..... with everything packed & in my husband's car except the laptop & my book.... it was an interesting few hours.... no crocheting, no office work :-)   Whatever shall I do?  LOL!!  I am sure it is good for me! 

The plans for the day are to meet with a friend at the local mall around noon for lunch.... and a joy that turned out to be!   We've 'known' each other online for several years but this was a first time meeting in person!  It is so much fun to travel to places and end up meeting friends you've known for a long time already... and I continued my culinary adventures.... I am such a small town kid!

This mall had a HUGE food court (huge to me!)   All the usual fast food suspects..... but also Japanese, Thai and Indian.  I've tried some different Japanese and Thai foods recently so..... Indian, it was...  Thank goodness they had a catering menu there that explained what the foods were!  Chicken Tandoori, I've tried before.. this was good, but not what I expected.... chana masala.. a slightly spicy chickpea dish.. I LOVED that one :-),,, fresh nan (like a pita - hot and puffy - who can complain about fresh bread?).. sweet jasmine rice.... and vegetable samosas, which were my favorite, I think.  They are spicy little turnovers filled with potatoes and peas...  Anyway.... lunch with a friend and new food for today's adventure!

 My husband ducked out of his class early and joined us... took one look at my tray and got his usual steak and cheese.  His mind was on hitting the road and heading home!   I can't  blame him.... adventures are fun.. but home... well, home is best!

My friend and I parted a bit reluctantly, she to go back to work and I to hit the road.... but we share the fun memory and maybe fates will conspire to help us do it again!

 So.... we got back in the car and started driving... traffic was pretty nasty for a but but soon evened out.... one thing I forgot to mention... my face & eyes had been itchy and stinging for the last day or so.  I didn't pay too much attention because I DID sit in the sun and had a little bit of a burn.... but as we drove, my neck started itching..... enough that I put cool water on it at rest stops... and pulled out some lotion for the whole area as we drove along.

The more I thought about it, the weirder it seemed until finally it hit me!  Couldn't be food allergies... not JUST on my face and neck....  There are two products that absolutely drive my skin nuts.... Tide and Olay (sorry, but true).  And my FACE is what gets the most exposure to linens in a hotel.  It didn't show up until late because I use my own pillow and for the first part of the trip - my own face cloth.  But I started using their clean cloths on Wednesday.... I settled on the cause while I was washing my face!  I am careful and use my own products but forgot about the dumb towels....  so now my poor face is puffy and my neck is itchy... BOO!  It will be fine in a day or so.... but it is aggravating!

At any rate... we drove until about 10:30pm.... and I was crashing hard!  My husband is a dear and stopped for the night.... and tomorrow.. we should make it home well before lunch.  I can't wait to see my family and pets and be home again, puffy face and all!

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