Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pantry Purge #2 ... Week 4

So here we go again..... what did I manage to use of my random list??

Monkey bread - my husband's favorite and I never made it before.  Frozen dough balls.... rolled in melted butter.. and then in brown sugar / cinnamon mixture..... then stacked in a bundt pan.... left overnight in the fridge to thaw... and then baked up for Father's Day breakfast!  Sweet!  I used about half the frozen dough balls.. and will use the other half in the same way - either with the brown sugar/cinnamon mixture OR with a garlic butter mix... I think that will go very well here too!

I used half of those individual packets of Italian salad dressing as a marinade for a grilled chicken dinner we had last week.... SCORE!   I still had 3 of them left so I used one with some leftover pasta  and McCormick's Salad Supreme to make an individual pasta salad just for me :-)  That was one of my better ideas since my crew won't eat any cold salads and I like them.  I will use the other two in that very same way within the next few weeks.  Adding in some chopped veggies and olives & parmesan... I have a nice side dish just for one!

And then.... I had to hunt down a recipe to use some of that 'cream of' soup.  I used to do a lot of casseroles but don't any more.  And, with no kitchen sense... I don't remember what I did with it!  I love research though - so the hunting intrigues me :-)  I found a dish that supposedly has Amish origins... called yumazuti.  And, yes, the name made me smile so it was worth a second look!  I won't post the recipe because I did it my way using things I thought my family would eat :-)  And I was right this time.... basically I made a ground beef mixture (I use onions, celery, garlic and carrots... though I have been known to chop and hide almost any vegetable in there!) and mixed that up with the two soups - cream of chicken and cream of tomato.   I prepared egg noodles... and then did a layering thing with the meat, noodles and shredded cheese.  I used a monterey jack-cheddar mix because that is what I keep on hand.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.. and we had some pretty good comfort food!  I had one small container left for the freezer and one for the fridge... so that was good too :-)

Oh.... and a friend told me that Liquid Smoke was used to give meat a grilled kind of flavor.  I still don't remember why I bought it but I gave it to my friend since she uses the stuff.  I have a hard enough time simply grilling... I don't need extra things to think about :-)   So it's gone!

Soon this list will be mostly done.... and I can start a new month with a new list :-)  Many of these items are condiments that will have to be opened and used one at a time.  While they need to be used, they will have to sit on the shelf and be opened as I can use them.

I will give myself one more week to resolve what I will do with these items and then we can start over!

Used up:
frozen dough balls
individual packets of Italian dressing
can cream of chicken soup
can cream of tomato soup
Liquid Smoke

open container of mayo
1 pkg bacon pieces
1 container cottage cheese
2 containers sour cream
 jar roasted red peppers *used in salads
1 pkage sliced Swiss cheese
1 bags frozen blueberries
 1 banana
 1 cntr sweet gherkins


  3/4 jar wheat germ
  2 containers of Laughing Cow cheese
  frozen orange juice (not to drink)
   1 box of veggie bacon
   1 frozen banana
  1 bag frozen blueberries


      bag sundried tomatoes
       Spicy brown mustard *opened to use
       Bleu Cheese Dressing
       Green Salsa
       German chocolate cake mix & icing
       yellow cake mix
       brownie mix
      canned carrots
      3 different bottles of hot sauce
      1 pkgs bacon bits
      french-fried onions
     4 ind cntrs of berry flavored applesauce (didn't care for the flavor)
     1 ind cntrs of sweet gherkin pickles
     box chicken soup
     jar pepperoncini
     can water chestnuts
     jar szechuan sauce
     wasabi sandwich spread
     marinated artichokes

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