Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dishcloth Challenge # 71 through #77

It's been an interesting week... Monday and today are my errand days as usual because they co-incide with my son's martial arts classes.  I am having a blast shopping at CVS... saving TONS of money and beginning to collect enough items that I should be able donate plenty in the months ahead.

Today I am going to add another drugstore and see how long it takes me to figure out their policies :-)

I started back to serious exercising & food focus again this week and am tracking it to see how it goes...  still working on file shredding and photo scanning while I am down here at the computer.  By the end of the month, I will have temporarily re-located my cyber-workspace so that we can do some work on the office... so there is another project in the works!

As for crochet... my focus at the moment is to 'catch up' with the challenge project :-)  Since there is a new one posted every day this year, it will probably take me another month to catch up with crocheting them.  I have kept up with the daily projects since I got back from Boston.. working on 2-3 dishcloths every day... so I have done #161 forward.... and now need to wind up the ones in between...  but it is getting there! 

There hasn't been much time for other projects... so I am pushing hard on this one!  Anyway - below are this week's offerings!

We've already seen #71 - it was the Easter Egg pictured below on the left:-)

Maggie Weldon's Dishcloth Challenge

As for this week, #72 on the bottom left is the Rose Swirl Dishcloth.  Great instructions on this one made it fairly easy to follow - though it did require a bit of concentration to get the placement correct.  It really looks pretty and unusual though - I really like it

#73 - bottom center - is the Diamond Dishcloth.  This one was really different in the way it was done... it is crocheted in two segments and then joined and edged.  While I like the end product, I don't LOVE it... so I probably won't do it again!

#74 Sunny Square Dishcloth - I loved this one - but, of course, I really like the cotton yarn colors!  It's one of my favorite variegated yarns for the kitchen!  This one turned out pretty and lacy and was quick to do.... I couldn't ask for much more :-)

On the upper left row is #75 - th 3-D Crochet Dishcloth.  I had fun figuring this one out... it is the stitch and color combinations that give it the 3-D effect!

Top center - #76 - Easy Crossover Dishcloth - another quick and pretty dishcloth that will be a great complement to a gift set.

And, last of all, in the upper right hand corner - is my favorite of the week - #77 Pineapple Dishcloth. This was a little challenging for me because it was one of the projects I took when I traveled and I forgot to print the chart!  I did it in the hotel room working off the computer :-)  But one of the skills I have picked up in this project is following a charted pattern - and I am still tickled with the results.  My own kitchen has a color pallette of golds and burgundy and greens.... so I know right where THIS one will end up :-)

I do have a favor to ask.... IF you have read this far.... let me know which dishcloths you like best from all the dishcloth blogs....   Have a great week!                                                           

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