Friday, June 24, 2011

Starting an exercise program.... again :-)

oh my -

you know what it's like.....

when you are fit... no exercise is too much.   [If you don't know what that is like, you OWE it to yourself to find out!]

but let that fitness slip away......

and no exercise is achievable.

My random act of fitness last week was to order a new dvd :-)  

Okay, I started back to line dancing twice a week... a fun way to sneak in a couple of miles per session!

I decided that TODAY I would do the easy session on the dvd.

Wellllll... poo!

I made it through the warm-up  AND three more exercises.

THAT is three more exercises than I managed on my first exercise dvd ever..... in 2007 when I weighed my highest!

To my credit, I did use low weights and I DID hit the treadmill for an hour of walking after I quit the dvd.  So.... 3 miles done!  Tomorrow I will try again

Day 2 & 3... NO dvd.... lots of yardwork though!  My arms are TALKING to me :-)

Day 4... back to the abs dvd.... made it halfway this time with no weights..... am breathless and a little sore but will hit the treadmill and try again tomorrow....  I am pleased with this one Jillian Michaels 6 Weeks 6-pack for two reasons - there are a lot of modifications to help you get started with no injury AND there is a good bit of cardio and all over conditioning :-)  It's not just crunches!

Day 5... no dvd happening despite good intentions... hit the treadmill for 3 miles in and around the rest of life happening today!

Day 6.... hit the ground running!  Had great intentions to get to exercising... but alas..... no dvd... no treadmill...

Day 7... I KNEW I had to turn on the dvd player!  I started playing it in my head the night before... first thing, I will do the dvd... first thing I will do the dvd...  So on Day 7, first thing... I headed for my coffee.... and ate a bowl of cereal.... and finished the coffee.... and THEN went to the dvd. with a BIG SIGH...    That said..... I did it!  I felt strong during the warm-up, so I used a weight for the first couple of exercises.... and got rid of them when I started feeling like quitting.  During the last bit, I had to sit out a couple of exercises BUT, most important here... I did finish the dvd to the end.  And then, I hopped on the treadmonster for a recorded episode of Castle.

For now..... I feel tired and a little sore... but I feel like we've made some progress this week in creating a a new healthy habit....  will keep you posted on next week :-)

I have to say that I have never been a fan of Jillian Michaels... when I watched the Biggest Loser Show and lost my weight before, I was all about Bob Harper.. mostly because he was kind and she was..... well, if you've seen the show, you know how she is portrayed.

But time has passed on and I bought Bob's new series and injured myself on Day 1, workout 1... probably pushing too hard, of course (so I am NOT saying bad things about the series).  BUT I have to say that Jillian's dvd (at least THIS one) is all about injury prevention.  There is a LOT about pushinf your personal limits while tailoring the workout to your current abilities... so I am good :-)  I sincerely doubt that I will have a visible 6-pack in 6 weeks... but I will be a lot healthier and stronger and have good habits and that is really the point, isn't it?

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