Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crochet Post :-) Dishcloth Challenge #59 through #64 & more lovies!

Okay - it is getting scary how many dishcloths I have made!  Right now I have them and their instructions in a large tote box.  The other day I bought some clothesline to hang on the wall in the family room to show them off :-)  I will probably give most of them away but I still want to look at them for a while!

One of the things I need to do is pick my favorites and create a binder of the instructions I like best so I can make them again.  I am positive I will NEVER remember on my own!

#59 Climbing Violet on the bottom left - I think this might be another favorite!  It was quick and easy to do and when it is done in a variegated and a coordinating solid, it turns out really nice.

#60 Colorful Journey Dishcloth pictured on the bottom row in the center is another one that I might do again.  Quick and easy and looks impressive!

#61  Denim Daze Dishcloth on the bottom left - This looks kind of basic.... but has a little change in the pattern that gives the stripes an offset look. 

#62 Strawberries in a Row Dishcloth on the top left - This one was a little more challenging.  Not really hard but not one I particularly want to do again :-) 

# 63 Lava Lamp Dishcloth - center top row... this one is done in a simple V-stitch.  I think what I liked best about this one is the weird yarn I chose!

#64 Polka Dots Dishcloth - this one is similar to #46  The stitch pattern is the same but the color placement is different.  The two would make a great set!  Both use small amounts of yarn so they are good choices for using up scraps!

And I am still working on lovies for Operation Christmas Child :-)

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