Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Road Trip .. Day 3 in Boston

It is so weird to have nothing pressing to do for hours and hours at a time!  You know things are off when you are cleaning your hotel room :-)  My daily habits are definitely becoming ingrained...

My husband has a class - and is really enjoying it :-)  I am happy to see him excited.. it's been a long time since he has had work that he enjoyed.   He left at 7:45 and returned around 6pm.

I spent the day reading.... sweet bliss!    I spent a couple of hours wrangling one of my crocheted dishcloths into submission... the last few sets of instructions have been pretty difficult.... I'll have to let them know.  I even gave up on one and did it my way :-)

A couple of hours sunning at the pool finishing off a novel... another thing I enjoy a LOT that I rarely get to do.  I guess that is probably a GOOD thing for my skin.. but I do like sunbathing :-)

By the time that my husband was able to join me, I was ready to go somewhere - ANYwhere.... we decided to try an Asian restaurant near the Flatbread Company we enjoyed last night

The Bamboo was incredible!  The food was amazing..... I had Pad Thai & some incredible spring rolls.

I had to try some new drinks because it is so much fun... a Purple Geisha (blueberry - one of my favorites)... I had no idea there was a blueberry vodka!  And a Blue Mermaid.. with all kinds of rum & fruit (which can never be bad :-)

The other thing that I loved so much was an exquisite Japanese quilt used to make a screen..... I'm going to have to think about that.. I wish I had taken a photo...  it would look really good in my living room!

After that, we wandered around the Burlington mall for a little while and I got my CVS fix..... funny, I am hooked on getting CVS values :-)  I did bring my coupons with me so I will prob create a "CVS shopping" package and go there again tomorrow night.  I am definitely finding deals by regular drugstore shopping!  Nice to be travelling in a car so I can still shop :-)

My main focus for this trip is to hang out... relax.... read and crochet.. catch up on paperwork.... have my own silent retreat, if you will.  And to be available for my husband.  It was so nice of him to ask me to tag along!

I thought about figuring out the train schedule and visiting Boston... I will do that for one day - but for the rest of them, I think I will putz around and catch up on some of the mental work and paperwork that I keep putting off.  One of the blessings (or curses?) of working for yourself is that your work is pretty portable!

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