Monday, June 13, 2011

A Special Day..

Pentecost Sunday....

The Sunday where we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.... or the fulfillment of Jesus' promise to us that he would not leave us ALONE!

I was blessed to be part of the Confirmation of a wonderful young woman in my church.  I always love this sacrament.... where we celebrate the vibrant spirit that our young people already possess!

With prayers from different nations.... and so many of us attending from such different situations and walks of life... and then celebrating this young friend of mine... wow! it was a powerful service!  ANd then afterwards... on this day.. my church held its annual International Food Festival.  YUM!!  So I got to round out my week of culinary exploration with Irish soda bread and Filipino pancit :-)  What fun!

I can honestly say that the Spirit is alive and well in my small community!  I am blessed to be a part of it... the day was just what I needed spiritually :-)

On another note.... my face didn't hurt too much and was only slightly red & puffy.... pretty much looked like a slight sunburn.  I hope I remember this next time I travel!

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