Friday, June 10, 2011

Road Trip... Day 6 in Boston

Today was supposed to be sunny and record-breakingly hot..... but we woke to a bit of rain!  

Laundry first thing for me this morning.... and a long chat with my daughter.... man, I miss my kids!  A wonderful chat with one of my girls & grandgirl yesterday.... what a lot of fun!  The little one doesn't even form words yet but LOVES to talk on the phone.... so grandmom happily obliged.   And keeping up with my boys at home.... texting with my oldest...  I'm a lucky mom to be so connected with my gang!

Then to pack up a bit....  gathering the things I won't need for the rest of the trip..  we start driving tomorrow afternoon... so there is quite a bit that I am finished with.

With the rain gone... it was sunbathing by the pool again... reading the novel my son wrote.... fast and furious texting back and forth with thoughts & ideas...not so much with the grammar and the spelling... his work is great!  I'm going home pretty tan, too :-)

Severe thunderstorms later on.... the news channel was full of concerns about them.  Apparently the freak tornadoes that went through the Boston area last week have everyone's nerves on edge!  But it turned out to be just thunder & lightning.... much like we see all the time at home.

We had plans to revisit the Flatbread Company but by the time we got there.... there was a 30 minute wait.. and we didn't want to wait!  So we headed to the nearby mall.... and spotted a little hole-in-the-wall pizzaria along the way.  It was perfect... we just ordered a gooey cheesy pizza.... ate most of it and headed back to our room for our final night.  Nice and quiet :-)

I discovered that another internet buddy of mine lives near and we have tentative plans to get together tomorrow before I leave..... we'll have to see how that goes!

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