Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bread Adventures (Batch 5) Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

     I am having a blast baking my way through the book - Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois   and learning so much!

The next bread in the chapter is Tapenade Bread.... okay - food dummy here.... no clue what this is.  But the recipe calls for olives (only I will eat these), capers (no clue WHAT they are - but I can tell you where to buy them and how much they cost :-), and anchovies (no way!)..... hmm.... I need more information to get a feel for the end product

Back to the search engines.....

Armed with several recipes for various versions of olive tapenade, I may just make this sometime when I know more people will be around.   The same with the Bruschetta recipe.  I live with men who won't eat tomatoes SOOOOO I will leave this for a larger gathering!

The Deli-Style Rye recipe is next and is incredible!  It has caraway seeds inside and also dusted across the top.  I love how beautiful the loaves are coming out of the oven! Again, I am the only one in the house who likes rye OR the next bread - pumpernickel - so I keep hunting for people to give bread to :-)

The dough from the Deli-Style Rye is versatile and is used for the next two rye recipes.

The next recipe, Caraway Swirl  Rye was yummy - but turned out all flat!  I am not sure why yet but will keep baking and see what I can figure out.  At any rate, the dough is flattened a bit and more caraway seeds scattered across it.  I rolled up the dough like a jelly roll so the extra seeds are in a swirl inside....  I think that, while I liked it.. I would not like a LOT of it... the seeds are a little more powerful than I thought!

The next recipe also uses the dough from the Deli-Style Rye.  It is called Onion Rye and is handled the same way as the Caraway Swirl, except with sauteed onions rolled in the center.  This one flattened a little as it rested too - I still don't know the answer so I put it into a bread pan instead and it did just fine.  The flavor is incredible!  I think that the onions make it amazing.... I will definitely put this in a FAVE recipe folder!

All three of the rye breads were fun to have a slice or two.... and give the rest of the loaf to willing volunteers :-)

So, while I was playing with the rye bread dough, I put together the next bread dough that I thought my family would eat - Bran Enriched White Bread.  They love it!  But it made 4 loaves and I am having to give it away :-) Now my neighbors are starting to love me too.....

I forgot to cut vents into the top of the bread - and it vented itself!  But that didn't affect the taste - so we are still good :-)  The one on the right is the white bread!

My boys like it as soon as it is cool enough to cut - slathered with butter.... there is nothing like fresh hot bread from the oven!

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