Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Reading Program

I am such a Dork!  Nerd..... you name it!

I found out that my local library has an ADULT summer reading program.  And guess who has to sign up!  I mean.... sign RIGHT up!   There is a weekly drawing for a $10 Walmart gift card and an end of summer drawing for $100 gift card.  Wow!  Frugal too!  Checking out books AND possibly winning a prize.... how can you lose?

Except maybe when I tell my family.... sorry about the laundry... I HAD to read this book?  Hmm..... actually that's not a new concept around here.... at least my family reads as much as I do.  But I DO like the idea of  MAYBE. just MAYBE getting paid for reading :-)

At any rate... in the last week I finished:

The Union Quilters - a quick read that combines quilting, a small community of characters I have met in other books of this series and a bit of US history.  I particularly enjoyed a few snippets that mentioned local place names that I have researched and written about in my children's history workbooks.

I also finished Lean Mean Thirteen - the 13th (really?) in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  I get such a kick out of these books!  The bumbling heroine keeps getting into trouble and comes out smelling like a rose... and always gets the guy... two of them, actually :-)  A quick easy read!

And, a little more seriously, Writing The Popular Novel: A Comprehensive Guide To Crafting Fiction That Sells    This is an oldie but goodie.  I really enjoyed the information that Loren Estleman shares - but it is also a great story and offered bits of other books as examples.... which of course gave me ideas of other books to check out and read!

Anyway -  if you like to read.... check out your library - maybe they have a program for you too!  An excuse to READ.... wow... I love it!

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