Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading Plans for the Week

So for me this week, I had grand plans - but have been slower than I would like..

I have finished High Rhulain by Brian Jacques.... a wonderful Redwall tale!  If you are not familiar with Redwall.... it is a fantastic series for younger people than I.. but I love them and want to finish reading the series!  The protagonists are peaceful woodland creatures who endure struggles with warring rodents & carnivores of various types.  The setting is a medieval abbey.... there is a peaceful commune of delightful creatures.. and a noble warrior or two, of course.... and then there are the cruel villains.  I love these stories - they are chock full of 'feel good' scenes and leave me happy!


Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, another one I am working through... Fearless Fourteen can be added to my stack of finished books this week.  Fun and frivolous - quirky, with a bit of intrigue... I enjoy these too.  A very quick engaging summer read...   

                              The Matchmaker of Kenmare by Frank Delaney is taking a bit longer.  I will finish
that one tonight or tomorrow.  An Irish story with lots of description, it has a million different twists and turns... it's a bit like wandering down unknown paths.  I don't think it quite qualifies as a quick read.. but I am enjoying both the story and the writing style.  Frank Delaney has a way with his phrasing that makes you ponder!

 And, finally, I am working my way through Michael Thurmond's 12 Day Bodyshaping Miracle... NOT because I believe in weight loss miracles... but I am definitely in a slump and need an intelligent BOOST to get me back on track.  Physically I need to stop gaining weight (EATING junk)   and I need to regain  fitness!   I need to re-condition to get ready to walk a 60-mile event in 10 weeks!  This program sounds logical so I am going to try the 12 Days - watch for upcoming blogs about it!   I can do anything for 12 days, right?   Yikes!                                                              

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