Sunday, July 24, 2011

Let life flow

Hey God, good morning....

Good morning..... how are you today?

Oh, I'm fine... just trying to gather my wits and figure out what to do today..

What's on your agenda?

Let's see...... church.. and a little party there afterwards..  my son is going with me so it's a good chance for us to talk... hmm.... then it's back home, I think and getting the house and family ready for the week ahead.... laying out the current schedule, getting food and menus together, all that stuff...

Sounds like another day....

Yes - I'm kind of at loose ends though


Well.... since I lost that bit of writing yesterday, I feel kind of lost.


Well... I worked on it a long time..


I finished it up and then went to publish and POOF!  It disappeared!  But you know all that... you watched the meltdown.  I'm still feeling it.... and I am sad.

But if you worked on it a long time, isn't it still in your head?

Some of it.... it is my goals and lists and things I want to accomplish for the rest of the year..

Maybe you need to think on it some more...

Maybe - but I'm beginning to think that I think too much...


Yes, I'm getting kind of tired of trying, trying, trying to meet goals.


Maybe I just need to let life flow

What do you think will happen then?

I don't know.... but I won't be constantly striving for something I can't see.  And I won't be driven to chronicle all my failures..

Is that what it feels like?

Sometimes yes.  But I am not sure I am a person who can let life just flow.

I made you who you are.

So.... should I let things flow?  Or should I be laying out another course for myself to follow?

I'm afraid you have to figure that one out.

You aren't being helpful.


I feel you smiling at me.

Of course.  I find you funny. 

I'm not feeling funny.

But you please me.  I like the way you plan.  I like the way you try.  I like the way you keep getting up and trying over and over.


And it's okay to be tired.  You already know that balance is always best. 

So I can flow today?  And get back to business tomorrow?


You are smiling again....

Just remember that YOU came up with that idea.........

Huh...... but ONLY because I am talking with YOU


Thanks, God.

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