Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Unintentional Week (or more?) Off

I apologize to my readers for an unintentional break!

Life sped up for me and I am struggling finding the time to write.... I know.. I know.....  discipline!

This whole blog has been about my attempts to follow some resolutions I set out at the beginning of 2011.  Some are coming along... some ... well, not so much!  But I CAN say that I have spent a lot of time this year - honing the practice of following my lists and reviewing / re-framing goals.  So, that in itself is a great thing and keeps me moving toward the life of my dreams!

Discipline is not one of my particular skills.  I am a will o' the wisp kind of person..... interested in several things at once... Great at new projects.... terrible at follow-through!  And that is one of the characteristics I am working on this year!

Finishing up projects instead of starting new ones....

My efforts at discipline are scattered..... the discipline of following through with the dishcloth challenge and the breadmaking... is a focus that is taking the place of - maybe obscuring? - the disciplines that may actually serve me better... exercise and writing!  In another way though, I see the things I am enjoying... specifically the crocheting and breadmaking.... as projects that are leading me to a life I LOVE!  They are re-inforcing for me the skills I have and reminding me that I am ME - and that is good.

Seriously I will probably never crochet another dishcloth as long as I live by the time I finish the 365 that are part of the challenge.... though I will be more than ready to play with other crocheting and my quilting!   The bread adventure -is a fun thing for me because I have always been intimidated by my kitchen.  Turning out loaf after loaf of food that my family and friends are enjoying - well, that's just cool.

So while I could say that I lack self-discipline.. that is not quite true...  only in certain areas!  My semi-annual evaluation will show this..  I think that many of my original thoughts when 2011 began have changed...perhaps one could say.. EVOLVED... into new ideas.

I struggle when my goals change - I do not seem to be a person who can set a goal and keep moving towards it.  Somewhere along the way, for me.... my interests shift and my goal changes.  I think that is why - for me - it is ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY.  I don't particularly care about reaching a goal or achieving anything.   I seem to care about the process of living and growing.

I have always seen my lack of ambition as a serious flaw in my character.. but perhaps it isn't.  Perhaps it is an integral part of who I am.  A gift that comes with an irrepressible desire and need to do and see new things.  I have never yet achieved ANYthing where I have been content to rest and bask in enjoying the accomplishment.  My mind and soul races ahead to the NEXT thing... Perhaps that is why I enjoy a sequential task - like the crochet dishcloth challenge.. or baking my way through a book :-)  I will be interested to see if I ever REPEAT any of the patterns or recipes I have tried here :-)

Anyway - I apologize for my unintentional break - my brain is working its way back to the journey!

Hope your summer is keeping you as busy and happy as mine is!

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