Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yarn things.... and the Dishcloth Challenge #95 through 102

    I still have a few more weeks to play catch up with the challenge - but some more 'yarn chores' are coming to me!  I began sorting a large garbage bag of donated yarn scraps so that I could get it organized and ready to use for the hats and scarves it was donated for.  Wow!  a mother lode - BUT it was all tangled up and a real mess..... I did a little each day for the last week or so - and am down to just ONE small plastic bag of tangles to put into balls someone can use :-)

A few more gifts to decide on - 2 baby boy blankets need to be chosen and worked on.... a request for a little gitl hat (which will encourage me to make THREE of them so I will have some made for my grandgirls!) .. and I ran across a toddler sweater pattern that I want to make for the girls too!  So - at some point here I really NEED to put the dishcloths aside and FOCUS!
At any rate, here are some more dishcloths from Maggie Weldon's Dishcloth Challenge :-)  Today they posted #200!  I started doing the current ones when I came back from Boston - so I have completed #160 through 199 already..... As soon as I catch up 'the middles', I will begin to show a few more each week :-)

#95  Pink Basket Dishcloth - pictured on the lower left, the instructions are easy to follow - and the cloth is a good size.  This one worked up quickly and I enjoyed doing it :-)

#96  Starlight Dishcloth - I thought this one turned out really pretty!  If you are comfortable with a granny type stitch, you will have little trouble making this cloth.

#97  Ladybug Dishcloth - You can see this one - the little one on the upper left.  It is cute - but I felt like it was a lot of work for a dubious dishcloth.  The halves are crocheted separately and then crocheted together.  The 'spots' are cross-stitched.  I think that if I did it again, I would use plastic canvas yarn because it has nylon fibers in it and would be better for scrubbing!

#98 Grapes Dishcloth - This one turned out to be gorgeous!  I did in colors that complimented the pineapple dishcloth I did a couple of weeks ago because it will match my kitchen!  The leaves are crocheted separately and needed to be sewn on but it was worth it :-)

The next FOUR are pictured below:

#99 is the Passionflower Dishcloth pictured on the lower left.  This is another one that turned out fairly well.  The instructions called for using yellow nylon netting cut in one-inch strips to crochet the center.  I didn't have the netting, but I DID have some yellow plastic canvas yarn, so I used that.  It provides a 'scrubby-feeling' center that seems like it will be great for dishwashing.  That center piece is crocheted separately and stitched on later.

#100 - The Houndstooth Dishcloth - is pictured on the lower right.  It is crocheted with two strands of yarn carried throughout which makes it nice and thick.  It will be absorbent and great for the task of washing up!


#101 is the Michigan Sunflower on the upper right.  I LOVE this pattern!  The center is raised and curly and will be good for scrubbing... and the petals are defined with front post double crochet stitches.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.  Honestly, I just like sunflowers... so this will be one of the FAVES.

#102 is called the Quick Beginner Dishcloth... and it is!  Done in a self-striping cotton yarn, it looks a bit more complicated than it really is.  This is a very successful pattern.

Hope you enjoy these (and the other wonderful patterns that Maggie Weldon has to offer!)

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