Monday, July 18, 2011

Starting an exercise program.... again Week 2:-)

One week down and on to the next!

Week 2... Day 1... nope, no dvd... but I did get 3 miles done on the treadmill and a little armwork done on the total gym.  See, I have no real excuses... I live pretty far from civilization so I have slowly acquired everything I need to get fit right in my own home!  All stationed in front of the television so I can catch up on the shows I record!

  Day 2... Okay. it's Sunday... so I'm off to church and working on Vacation Bible School.  No excuse, I know - but I did spend half the day at church and much of the rest of it on the computer doing one thing or another for VBS and preparation for the weekly shopping excursions which begin on Monday!

Day 3.... was supposed to go to line dancing but didn't get there... ran errands but no real exercise

Day 4.... stayed home today but spent it in the yard.  I did a lot of weeding... bend, grab, pull... shift around so the back doesn't hurt too much... some bending, some squatting.. lots of shifting around :-)  No "official" exercise :-)

Day 5... am feeling pretty pathetic right now.  I'm not sure if I am tired or what but I can't face that dvd or any other television exercise.

Day 6.... Life is full... getting son ready for camp.... taking him early this morning so another day with no dvd.  I'm not sure why - but if I don't do it first thing, it is not going to happen.

Day 7.... Okay - flubbed again.....  I am just not in the place where I want to turn on a dvd every morning.  I am not sure why..  but I KNOW I need to be more active.  I need to figure out another angle for next week....  something easy that is consistent.  Probably a minimum of watching one tv show daily from the treadmill....

I don't know - I sound whiny even to me!  I will get up again tomorrow and try again.... this year I want to find a solution.  NOT another project... but a lifestyle I can support.  The year is half over..... my deadline approaches...

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