Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Floaters, Flashers and Other Excitement!

Aging is an incredible adventure!

My eyes are treating me to a light show worthy of the July Independence celebration. 

My eyes have always been a little, for lack of a better word.... WEAK!  Actually, they are quite healthy and strong.... but they don't work very well :-)  Acute astigmatism, acute myopia.... the combination basically means that I don't see well.  When you add allergies and light sensitivity, a basic optometrist is not much help for me.  I have a specialist who has worked with me for years to keep me in contact lens.  The mall places turned me away as a lost cause years ago.

Last year, we add dry eye to the scenario.  I love that term... dry eye.  No one knows the what or the why - but it's a term to explain away irritated old eyes.  In my case, my specialist sent me to another specialist and we settled on a combination of 3 more conditions, rosacea (of the eyelids only (what?), blepheritis (okay, a chronic infection of the eyelash follicles (!), and something else I can't remember that basically means that the composition of my tears is not oily enough.   So, a year with my heavy glasses and ridges on my nose :-(

So I have worked through the year and lots of eye drops.... and still sometimes have blurry patches in my vision... but they clear up quickly and don't bother me too much.  I use a prescription eye treatment for the oil composition (and have increased my Omega-3 intake) and a cleansing regimen for the chronic infection.  And, finally, am back wearing my contacts.. Hooray!

And, now the fireworks :-)

A few floaters... who pays attention?  A few weeks ago, they became a little more persistent.  And then I was catching glints of light in my peripheral vision... mostly I thought it was from vehicles.  It IS summer after all and the sun is bright.   And then more floaters... or was it bugs around my head?  Hmm.....  a few false jerks because of impressions in my periphery again (no, I am not paranoid!).... and then a small bit of film that 'hung' in my right eye most of the day.   Back to the specialist to discover....

You guessed it..... NORMAL!  Okay I am blessed... and healthy overall.  My understanding is that I have entered a roughly 3-month period where the 'jello' in my eyes is liquefying.... (EWWW) and that, as this process occurs, the fibers will pull away and cause disturbances.  As my son so forthrightly put it, apparently this is part of the process that occurs as my body begins destroying itself.  I really do love that kid - but I almost brained him!  I'll get my revenge later..... I am selecting HIM to change my diapers when that time comes...

I am to be checked monthly for the next few months to make sure that these fibers don't bring my retina with them.    THAT is the part I have heard of before.....  I never picked up on the fact that I would be treated to the kinds of things I get to see all the time right now.   So now you know.... IF you are my age..... or if you dabbled in things you shouldn't when you were a teen.... now you know you should have waited.  At a healthy middle-age... you get it all for free.... naturally.

So, at a time in my life when I am already questioning my own thought processes.... and bodily functions.... now my eyes are jumping on the bandwagon and including my brain...... so I run on auto-pilot and pretend things are as they SHOULD be... not as I actually see them.  I am glad that this is a process and it will end in a few months.... but I am determined to figure out a way to ENJOY the experience :-)

Reading is entertaining because of the stuff floating around between me and the print..... tv is okay - but not the channel guide!  Outside I keep swatting insects away - even though they aren't there... it's ALL me!   But at least I can sit on my porch at night and see fireworks of my very own :-)

It's no wonder young people think old people are crazy!

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