Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crochet post! Dishcloth Challenge #103 through 110 & more

  Last week was so busy!  With one son at a workcamp fixing houses, and one at home to enjoy... it was a full one!  We are also slowly working through changing up the house a little to accommodate my two young men as they grow into adulthood.  More and more, their lives will be separate from ours and we want them to have more private unsupervised space..... (and consequently, my husband and I will have more private unsupervised space :-)

   I am trying to keep up with my commitment to make lovies for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes too!  I added 8 more to my total this week, bringing me up to 116 this year :-)  I committed to average 5 lovies per week (or 225 by Collection week in November)   I am halfway there!

All these dishcloth patterns from Maggie Weldon's challenge can be found at

So for this week, I can share:

#103  Peach Pinwheel Dishcloth on the bottom left of the photo below - NOT my best effort!  I did it - but lost track somewhere along the way and missed something so it curls :-(   I feel fairly confident that it was not the instructions - it was me.. but I don't like working with thread enough to want to spend the time figuring out what I did wrong and fixing it.  I might try this patten in regular yarn sometime though... I looks like it would make a cute baby blanket!

#104 - This Little Piggy Dishcloth  - cute, Cute, CUTE!  This one worked up pretty quickly and is adorable.  There's not much more I can say about it...  I do like the way that the eye is crocheted - which makes it safe for babies!

#105 Ice Cream Cone Dishcloth above on the upper left - another fun one!  I was looking forward to trying this pattern and it did not disappoint!  Easy to follow instructions and a terrific end-product... LOVE IT!

#106 - Shells in  a Row Dishcloth pictured above in the upper right row - very pretty - easy to work up.  Really nice in a  variegated yarn.  I made it up for the 4th of July!  This pattern will go in my 'do again' collection.

The next four are shown in the photo below.

#107 - FunFetti Dishcloth - pictured on the lower left of the photo below.  I liked the name of this one - it even SOUNDS like a good time.  This is another one using shells and a variegated yarn.  It works up quickly and is pretty

108 - Sunny Day Red Hat Dishcloth on the lower right - Absolutely adorable and works up a lot easier than it looks.  Really brightens up the kitchen and will put a smile on the face of any red hatter!

109 -Vintage Check Dishcloth pictured on the upper left - this one turned out really cute.  Carrying the threads takes some getting used to but the effect is really nice!

110 - Winter Solstice Crochet Dishcloth - I LOVE this one.  It is so pretty and really looks like winter to me.... would be great in a blue kitchen.... combination of colors and stitches makes it an interesting addition to a gift package.

Have a great week and happy yarn things!

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