Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dishcloth Challenge #78 through 86

I am a week behind in posting the dishcloths - though I am MILES ahead in crocheting them!

This batch was done partly on my trip to Boston in June.  My husband drove and I crocheted... and crocheted... and crocheted!  Some of the patterns suffered because my attention to detail was a little pressed by the conditions - but I finished them anyway - MY WAY :-)

Remember, the instructions and patterns are copyrighted to Maggie Weldon and available on   So go have fun!

First off, a reminder -   # 80 and #82  are the Easter Bunny & Duck pictured below.  We've already shown and talked about those.

        The SEVEN dishcloths I am sharing for this week are pictured below all together.  I have inserted single pictures for the ones that I thought had features that are hard to see in the group photo!

#78 Diamonds and Rust Crochet Dishcloth
This one gets a single photo!  I didn't have the sparkly yarn specified - so I used 2 strands of thin crochet cotton instead that had metallic strands in them...... it worked just fine. I LOVE the colors.... really unusual and pretty :-)  Kind of a FUN idea to have a SPARKLY dishcloth!

#79 "HIS" Crochet Dishcloth...  This one is a HOOT!  Check it out below on the bottom row in the center.   My men do indeed help with the dishes but I don't think they would appreciate having their own dishcloth.... I'll have to find a different home for this one!  Fairly easy to work up, it really is a cute idea.

#81  The Blues Crochet Dishcloth - This on is pictured below on the bottom row on the right.  I found a bit of a problem with the instructions on this one.    It does not specify to end off colors and weave in the ends at the ends of the rows.

I was riding in the car and a row further along when I noticed I wasn't supposed to carry the colors. Instead of starting over, I changed the numbers a bit and carried my colors - mine doesn't look quite the same but close enough! Still pretty :-)

#83  Square Spiral Crochet Dishcloth - upper left hand corner.  My dishcloth really does not look the same as the one in the dishcloth challenge... I am not sure where I messed up and at that point, didn't have the patience to figure it out!  I like the colors I chose and was tickled the way that the edging disguises whatever I did wrong.  Gotta love that in a pattern!

I DID enjoy the different approach to crocheting it - it LOOKS like you would start in the center and crochet in the round - but instead you start at the bottom and work your way up.  I do like a challenge!

#84 Birdhouse Crochet Dishcloth - I thought this one was really cute.  The bird is made separately and stitched on so it took a lot longer to make than it should have :-)  I have a real problem with letting things sit (live?) in my sewing basket!

# 85  Fancy Heart Crochet Dishcloth  - top row...    Oh my goodness... I am finally STUCK! This one stumped me good!  I have worked and worked and put this one aside for a day or so.... I am fine through Row 7 but something is happening on Row 8 that I can't figure out.... has anyone else done this one?  I went back several times and just can not figure it out!

I did try asking the question on the website but didn't get an answer... so I wiggled around a bit and made it work.... but the pattern is definitely wrong!

#86 Fat Cat Crochet Dishcloth - top row far right - I ADORE this pattern!  Not this year, of course, while I am keeping up with the challenge - BUT I can envision making a TON of these in holiday colors.....  a Christmas white kitty with red, white and green tail.... a Halloween black kitty with a black, orange & white tail.... etc!

      And these are the cloths for this week! 

     The dishcloth challenge will post 365 patterns this year and it has been bugging me that I am so far behind.  I decided when I got back from Boston that I would do that day's cloth and keep up with the daily patterns while I catch up with the earlier ones.  I won't post them out of sequence but I will start posting a few more each week.... and perhaps will do an extra post each week when I do catch up :-)

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