Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bread Adventures - Pretzels and Bialys / Thrive in Five Day 11

Beautiful morning!  Still walking my mile :-)  My husband had a business trip today so I saw him off and then my pup and I went for our walk.  She is not really happy with our morning mile.. but it is as good for her as it is for she is just going to have to get used to it.
It looks like it will be mild weather today so I will make sure that I get some things done outside.  Last week was my "entrance zone" but I wasn't able to get out to work every day so I am glad that I scheduled ONE outdoor area each month..... but then I live in a temperate climate where this is feasible.

Off to make my morning rounds... one load of laundry (with a few squats, etc)... gather food items for dinner (wait, hubby won't be home...but I will take a couple of minutes to gauge the leftover situation and decide on a healthy dinner for ME!) ... pet maintenance... quick round through the bathrooms...  will be back in a bit!

I am still excited about the power of the 15-minute focus bits.... my 15 minutes outside my entrance cleared out the second of 2 garden beds & cut down a small tree.. (something I pass multiple times daily and say....'I gotta clear this up and cut that down').   GOOD changes!  This is a habit that is working FOR me!

For our bread adventures from Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day this week, I want to share my pretzels!  The story is similar to the bagels.... I struggled with the SIZE and the rolling and playing with the dough... mostly because I think I got impatient with it.  One of the pretzels below looks pretty good :-)  The rest - not so much!

But the process AFTER I created the shapes was the same as the bagels... boil in a pot of boiling water.....lay on dishtowels to drain..... peel them off, sprinkle with salt and get them to the pan & bake

What was funny - is that my sons wouldn't touch the bagels... but ate ALL the pretzels!  Funny to me because the process and the dough are the same... the only difference in composition was the salt versus sesame / poppy seeds.

I also made bialys according to the instructions but forgot to take photos!  Sorry :-(  But I can tell you about them.  First of all, I had no idea what they are.... and there was no photo in the book.. so I was kind of shooting blind.  At any rate, the process was similar to the bagels only you don't make a HOLE, you make an impression - like a little cup.  And, before you bake them you fill the impression with sauteed chopped onions.  Oh my, they were good!  And, since then I have googled them and found a photo at

Of course - mine were nowhere NEAR as pretty as this since I didn't know what I was doing..... BUT as I keep saying... pretty is not as important as TASTY... and these recipes work!

*****Thrive in Five Update  Day 11*****

It gets harder to focus on what I am supposed to be doing... I am trying to make sure I get the proper food servings in - and am reducing the amount of non-nutritive stuff in my system.  This is when I start having a hard time keeping up with changes and need to start having more faith in the process.

Life gets busy and I don't focus on my own personal balance.  It is good to have a little audio reminder that MY health and well-being matters :-)  Because this body of mine... albeit overweight... is a marvelous creation that has kept me moving for more than 50 years.  It has born children... and MUCH life!  MUCH joy and MUCH pain... and it is still going strong.....  I am blessed.

I like the visual that the FAT is protection from toxins... but I also know that the FAT is a hated wall I hide behind.... a fortress and a prison.  It is MY time to shed both the THOUGHT processes AND the non-food toxins that are keeping me from my best life... the life God intends for me to have!

Don't forget... the Thrive in Five Program is available from for the same cost as a couple of exercise dvds... seriously!

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