Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday at Home

Well.... I have to say that taking this house apart room by room may take FOREVER..... it's a bit like eating a whale.  That said, my kitchen is in reasonable shape.... the stove looks as good as it did when I bought it!  Spent a whole session on that alone... Funny, that it is only taking 15 - 20 minutes per day for this room to get a good deep clean.  (I admit it... it has taken MONTHS to DREAD the cleaning of it)

Also funny how you get used to things.. we've been using plastic glasses for a while (except for when the Christmas glasses are out)... and it hit me over the head that I have china cabinets FULL of glassware that we don't use.  So I pulled out some and put them in the kitchen.  Silly to own things we rarely use!

My husband wandered in with his tape measure and I thought he was going to start the demolition for the renovation we planned for the spring!  Usually by the time he wanders in with a tape measure..... he is ready to start working.  We had been talking about spring but things can always change.   Of course, we won't have extra coins for another couple of months (at which time he will no longer have TIME... so we will sort this out soon)  There is plenty we CAN do in advance once we develop a strategy for managing in the midst of "NOT FINISHED".  And I am ever flexible so it can be done when he is ready!  Fortunately for me though, he decided to wait.... so I have a couple of months to figure out how we will operate.

Yesterday was a bit warmer so I did 15 minutes of the entrance area.  I specifically chose one outside FOCUS for January (entrance) with an idea of doing the time when the weather cooperated.... and though that is not my area this week, it was a good time for it.   We all need time outdoors for health and sun reasons so we have to find a way to work it in!  Besides, during "Entrance" week, the weather may force me indoors and I will work on a different area then.  Today is supposed to be warm too - so we planned a couple of chores that need to be done outside.

When I am not training for a 3Day Walk, Saturday mornings are often my sewing days.  The morning light in my family room is best for SEEing my sewing :-)  I have crochet projects that need to be stitched to be finished... and I want to work on my quilting this year.... so this morning I am excited about cleaning out my dvr (aka watching tv) and working on my quilt strip..... AFTER my mile walk, of course.

Serendipity has been the watchword for the week for me... Last night we took my son to his ballroom lesson and had a SECOND date this week.... dinner out and time together to dream and plan.  Tonight I am watching the first of my 'greatest movies'... American Film Institute's #100 - Yankee Doodle Dandy.  I decided to prepare a cheese & cracker tray & a veggie / dip tray... and, so far, my hubby and one of my sons has decided to join me :-)  And we'll try to figure out why this one is on the list.... (best news is: I just created an instant FUN family evening)

.....hmmm.... does this make THREE date times this week?  wow...

Anyway - today is shaping up to be a FUN day after a good week....

How is your week going?  What FUN do YOU have planned for today?

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