Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crochet Post! Hats & Dishcloths and Thrive in Five Day 9

*****Thrive in Five Update Day 9 *****

Following up:  I did complete my commitment to walk a mile every day - and some days that mile has happened twice!  Small victories :-)  The thought of getting back into training - MAYBE - is not quite as frightening as it was just a week ago.  I am still struggling with my shoulder pain from November but am getting better every day.

Natural pattern of eating..... IF all we ate was what was naturally available... then so much temptation wouldn't BE available.  I mean, does it make sense that everyone who lived before US couldn't have been in good health because they didn't have access to the foods we have every day now?  Even all the supplements that are available... does it make sense that you can't have a healthy life without a specific herb or berry from South America?

Sugar and sweets is the topic for today ... I guess that I am lucky because I don't usually crave sugar... EXCEPT after I over-indulge in what I REALLY crave... SALT.  We don't eat desserts around here... though when sugar-y stuff enters the house, it disappears pretty quickly - and I am as bad as the rest. 

It's addictive - and that is the way to look at it... IF you can't manage it... IF you find yourself eating it when no one is looking... or eating out of the bag... or not controlling your intake... it's an addiction.. and something that needs to be controlled.  Period.

I think the important thing for ME to remember here is that overly processed food isn't really food... It doesn't satisfy and it doesn't nourish... and I deserve to be nourished.  I deserve to have energy and strength and a long life.  AND it's not selfish to think that way.... MY FAMILY deserves to have me around a long time in good health and strength too! 

Crochet Stuff...  Hats and Dishcloths...

I found that there is another Maggie Weldon challenge for 2012.   Oh my!  That word challenge gets to me!  Well.. the challenge is actually to design some patterns and I am SO not there :-)  BUT I do like to try new things :-)  I don't know how well I will follow along but the theme is 'things you can make in a day'.  I like quick projects to donate ... so I will play along with this challenge ONLY using my stash of yarn - NO purchases for this project.  This week I did two hats....

Hat #1 - the green and gold one - is easy to do... looks great - but is really big (or my head is small!)  If I did it again, I would use a smaller hook and see what happens...  Might be the yarn too - they specified a yarn I didn't have so I used what I had.  A super bulky weight was specified - used in 2 strands.  One of mine was super bulky (IMO) and the other was a little thinner... anyway - THE HATS!!!

Patterns are available at www.bestfreecrochet.com

and on to the dishcloths....

#183 - Turkey Crochet Dishcloth.... Pictured below on the bottom left.. Absolutely adorable!  This one is easy to do, worked up quickly and is perfect for the holidays!  I will definitely do this one again :-)

#184 - Popcorn Shells Crochet Dishcloth - Bottom right - Lacy, pretty with nubby bobbles to help with scrubbing.. This on is another easy one that is fun to do :-)

#185 Cornflower Crochet Dishcloth - Pictured above on the upper left.  I found in this process that I enjoy doing the ones with the ruffly flowers in the middle.  They are a little tricky to learn - but once you get it, it is one of those techniques that look really difficult.. but are fun to do!

#186  Greenfields Crochet Dishcloth above on the upper right.....  I found a new crochet thread for this one that SMELLS pretty :-)  What a hoot!  A neat idea though I don't know how long it lasts :-)  This one says it smells like aloe (seriously, I don't know what aloe smells like so I can't contradict but it is a light pleasant scent so I am good).  This cloth has a front post technique that looks and feels a little unusual but the instructions are clear and easy to follow. 

The next 4 cloths are pictured below:

#187 - Leaf Crochet Dishcloth - below on the lower left.  Okay thisone was fun to do because it is unique.  It is also pretty.. but I am not sure how it will work as a dishcloth.. or even quite how I would package it in a gift.  Fun though, to do something new!

#188 - My Take on Elaine Crochet Dishcloth - bottom right.  This one was definitely easy.  I enjoyed doing it because of the story.. the designer created it to mimic one that her grandmother did years ago.  I probably won't repeat it myself but would recommend it for a beginner

#189 - Deep Purple Crochet Dishcloth - Pictured above on the upper left.  LOVE this pattern!  I am not a fan of purple.. but the pattern is very pretty and not too difficult.  I think it would make a gorgeous afghan square!

#190 - Passion Flower Crochet Dishcloth - the smaller one in the upper right.  What I can say about this one is CUTE, QUICK, and great for scraps!  Definitely a repeat!  I can see creating several of these when this project is over and I have a bin of cotton scraps!

Remember, these patterns are free at www.bestfreecrochet.com until February so go get them now!  Maggie Weldon has a different challenge now but I will continue sharing what I create until I finish the dishcloths (365).  Hopefully she will have them for sale and I can advertise it while I share the cloths.

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