Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thrive in Five Update Day 21

            I was thinking about the healthy habit program I have set for myself this year.  It's small - but you know what?  That is what makes it do-able.  That is what make is manageable for me... and those are small inflexible changes that will make a difference.

Inflexible in that I get up every morning thinking... I will do these things.  Of course, my world will not end if they don't get done - but things will go smoother if they do.   Doing specific things FOR my body will make the rest of my life better.... longer..... stronger.

This week, I will wear my pedometer all week to see how many steps I get each day.  I won't stress or judge... but simply LOG it.  I am having a little trouble at this point with the daily fruit - and beans in the salad - so will reinforce those habits while checking out my step count.

Will you join me?

*****Thrive in Five Update Day 21*****

I'm feeling pretty good today - and very positive!  I feel like I have now gone through some UPS and DOWNS while I have been on this journey with Hannah - and am coming out on the winning side!  (Don't forget - if you are interested in this sensible approach and honest coaching in a regular life - go to and check out Thrive in Five!)

The greatest battle of regaining health (and losing weight) is in my head.  I know that God wants the best life for me... God wants me serving in my greatest capacity.... so it only makes sense that God will help me overcome the roadblocks that are holding me back!  I just need to remember to ask!

Today I am thinking of how to increase movement in my daily life in a way that makes sense to me.  I love to garden and have never shied away from hauling dirt or bending and stooping and all the movement that comes along with heavy work..... and I have worked some of that into my life this cold season by adding an outdoor area to my 15-minute focus cleaning plan...  and soon there will be an outdoor component to the Healthy Habit concept...

It's not hard to cultivate a habit of doing specific target strength exercises while performing daily chores... but it's not enough in the big picture.  It's just a beginning!  (I am not knocking it - it is essential to have these habits in place especially for when life falls apart - which it DOES all the time!)

It's a struggle getting enough exercise though to consistently work that heart muscle!  I have never been an active person - I have chosen a life that mostly exercises my mind and am out of balance.  I do not care for most sports, especially team ones.  I don't even know what teams play which sports!  I am not competitive in the physical arena.... I like to achieve but the process is more enjoyable to me than victory!

I have discovered that I like the structure of a training schedule.... I do the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walks and follow the training schedules pretty well.... potentially what I need to do is find races during the other half of the year so I can keep training in some capacity!

I will keep thinking about it and searching for the answer because a balance of movement and nutrition is where I will find my God-given birthright of health!

So I should ask YOU...... HOW do YOU fit exercise in your life consistently?  How do you choose movement that is meaningful to you?

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