Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crochet Post! Weekly Project Box and Dishcloths #167-170 & 171-174

This last week I have been working out of my weekly craft box.  LOVE this idea!  It was born from my last week-long trip to the beach.... I took along a container of specific craft projects to do.  Enough to give me choices, but restricted to space.  By the end of the week, I had completed most of it.

What it did for me was force me to work on 'second choices'... those things that were not my favorite at the moment.  It helped me to finish a few things because I had nothing else to work on.  It helped with FOCUS.  I think it is kind of a physical list for me :-)

Anyway, I started doing this regularly.  Each weekend I allow myself the time and pleasure of going through my supplies, choosing projects and dreaming about possibilities.  But during the week - I worked on projects - no rifling through containers of YARN and patterns, etc!  I allowed myself to print patterns and add to my pattern box to think about later during the next weekend.... but during the week - my craft activity came out of the box.

This worked for me through the Christmas season - and I was amazed at what I was able to finish up!  Anyway - this is what I will continue to do as I work on using up my supplies.
Dishcloths for the week (from Maggie Weldon's 2011 Challenge - patterns free until February 2012 www.bestfreecrochet.com:

#167  Cotton Candy Popcorn Crochet Dishcloth - pictured below on the bottom left...... LOVE the way this one turned out!  Like most of these dishcloths, this cloth worked up quickly and easily.  It has a nice tight feel to it and the popcorn stitches are nubby.

#168 Log Cabin Crochet Dishcloth - In the photo below on the bottom right.  This one is unique for a log cabin type pattern because it is done in one piece.  It was fun to do though and has an interesting look to it

#169  Golden Fans Crochet Dishcloth - pictured above on the upper left.  This is another quick lacy cloth that looks more difficult than it really is :-)

#170 Floral Bounty Crochet Dishcloth... on the upper right above.  This one really looks complicated but really isn't.  Easy enough for a beginner, this is a high success cloth that looks as pretty as a doily!

The next set of 4 cloths is pictured in the photo below:

#171 Butterfly Crochet Dishcloth - on the bottom left.  This was easy to do but you have to pay close attention to the pattern!  I think that it would be beautiful as a square in a baby afghan :-)

#172  Garden Bloom Crochet Dishcloth - Below on the bottom right.  I liked the way this one worked up.  I think it would make a great trivet.  Definitely one I would do again!

#173  Triangles Crochet Dishcloth - above on the upper left.  Not a fave - even though it worked up quickly and easily.  I think I would like it better in a solid color.... but it will certainly do the job!

#174  Southern Blossom Crochet Dishcloth... pictured in the photo above on the upper right.  My favorite cloths are the ones worked in rounds, I think, because they are so much quicker (for me!)  This one is a little more difficult than the others but worth the effort!

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