Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crochet Post! Thrive in Five, WIPS & Dishcloths #175-178 & 179-182

 Thrive in Five.... Day 2
(Hannah Keeley's total health program)

I keep thinking about how I have God-given right to feel good.  Then why do I allow myself to continue on a path that leads me to feeling bad?  Why do I allow myself to be on a path that puts me in a position to feel OLD before I need to?

I have tried many ways to lose weight and feel better... I wonder if knowing that good health is God's plan for me.... will help me create the good daily habits I need to take care of my body well.

Today I will remember that I am God's child and that I DESERVE to feel good so I can do the work he calls me to do.  To follow God's call, I need to do my part to be as energetic and strong as I can be... so that I have the endurance and length of life that He has planned for me.  Taking care of me is NOT SELFISH - it is a higher call that will allow me to fulfill my destiny.

Reading and thinking is one thing... I'm really good at that part - but I am called to ACTION.... weighing and measuring ME (gulp)  Okay, it's done.. and I move forward.  Well.. the weighing's done.. I couldn't quickly locate the tape measure but do not want to use that as an excuse!  I weighed (instead of waiting until circumstances were perfect) and will hunt for the tape measure..

One of today's action steps is to commit (!) to 30 minutes of exercise - any kind... hmm.... what will I do?  I wonder if that is a consecutive 30 minutes or can it be spread out?  (can you tell I am already looking for excuses?)

Okay - what I will do is build on something I already do.  I walk my dog.  I will increase our walk to a mile and that should just about be 30 minutes for that one walk - so I know I will get more as the day goes on :-)

A little nudge and I am moving! 

******* and on to my yarn stuff...

I have had fun with crafts this week!  Working out of the box I described last week.......

I had planned to show you some hats from the Maggie Weldon 2012 challenge..... no, I'm not doing them ALL even though it's a CHALLENGE :-)   I have taken a little ribbing about not being able to pass up a challenge!  (www.bestfreecrochet.com)

I am going to do them as I desire in order to use up yarn I already have too much of!  The first month is hats & scarves so I can donate them to the homeless ( which I already do every year - so WIN-WIN - my favorite!)

Anyway - the first few hats have ended up in my sewing basket - and if you looked at my goals - you know I didn't get to my quilt strip - or sewing basket - last week.  So I am sharing my works-in-progress instead ... since I haven't done that before....

I have several afghans under construction....  one that incorporates the colors of the Martial Arts do-jang where my son studies....

so the colors look a bit strange - but represent the colors of the belts (dees) and the uniforms (doboks) the students wear


I have two afghans coming along..... pink ribbon blocks with alternating blocks in another color that I plan to either auction myself or give to another 3Day walker to auction to raise the money needed to participate in the walk... picture below

One with each different color block... I will find out SOON if any of my walking buddies are walking in 2012 and might like an afghan to use for an auction to raise the necessary $2300 per walker!

..and then one other kind (2 of them) - very strange colors but I think they will be fun throws!

Called a crazy granny  - and you can see WHY!  the two of them are jumbled together in the photo above!   One is a gift and one is for me!

I will be working on them for a while yet.  Both the Martial Arts & the pink ribbon ones - I will be starting new ones as soon as I finish these because they will be used as fundraisers.

And then dishcloths from the 2011 Challenge at www.bestfreecrochet.com (remember the patterns will be free until February):

#175 Christmas Shells Crochet Dishcloth - Pictured below on the bottom left....  Hard to see the yarn but it's a really pretty white with red and green flecks in it.  The pattern is so pretty and easy to do - I enjoyed this one and will do it again!

#176 - Cinco Bobble Crochet Dishcloth - In the photo below bottom left.... this one didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked.  I might have done it wrong but the bobbles didn't puff out in the middle of my cloth the way that bobbles usually do.  Unfortunately, they DO puff out on the row edges so it looks a little strange... No real problem, it's a dishcloth!  But I wasn't happy with the result.

#177 Impressions Crochet Dishcloth - this is the pretty lavender and purple one in the upper left hand corner.  While it worked up fairly easily, it doesn't lie flat.  Again, that might be me and the way I crocheted it, but it messed up an otherwise satisfactory pattern.

#178 Watermelon Crochet Dishcloth -  I really like the way this one turned out!  Easy to do and really cute - I think it will make a great gift!

The next 4 dishcloths are in the photo below:

#179 Wreath Crochet Dishcloth - pictured below on the bottom left.  Similar in technique to the watermelon above!  Easy to do and a great result :-)

#180 Diamonds Crochet Dishcloth - On the bottom right... this one was a little tricky to figure out.  The end result is pretty but probably not to repeat!

#181 Autumn Lace Crochet Dishcloth - similar to the wreath.  Very very pretty cloth - and easy to do - which makes it a WIN in my estimation!

#182 Witch's Hat Crochet Dishcloth... this one is nothing but FUN!  Good instructions, easy to make and simply adorable.  Cute to make for child's  washcloths!

Hope you are having a FUN crafting week!

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