Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Goals 2/52 and Thrive in Five Day 1

 Left from last week (do first!)
1.  Make lists of: appointments I need to make (specifically doctors)
                          furniture that needs to be restored
                          maintenance list for January focus areas
2. Figure out how to post next quarter's Children’s Liturgy for sale
3.  Work on quilt strip

4.  Entrance focus – 15 min daily

5. Work on boys' transcripts

6.  Dogs to vet for shots / cars for inspection

7.  New habits: Drink green tea daily
                         Walk a mile daily

8.  Movie Night

9.  Monthly chores: dog baths, Frontline, change air filters

Scan photos – 30 min / week
Paperwork – min 15 min daily
Craft – work from craft project box
Blog – BAKE next bread, make dishcloths & this year's projects

Re-started a fantastic new total health program today... I have to admit that I actually beta-tested this starting in mid-December.. and, while I did not complete it the first time through ... there is enough MERIT to it to keep me starting over and over...  I NEED to hear this message every day right now!

What kind of program?  I'm glad you asked.... it's called Thrive in Five and it is offered by Hannah Keeley at

The focus is on getting healthy on several different levels.  Does this include weight loss?  If you need it, yes.  AND stress, and chemicals in your diet, and loving yourself!  The focus is more about health and living the life you were designed to live.

What I like about it is that it is geared toward busy moms.... okay, now you know I am an 'almost empty-nester'.. so MY 'busy' might not look the same as YOUR 'busy'.... but I'm still busy.... and I don't want to spend my life in the gym.  I do train sometimes for events.. and I consider myself athletic (now).. but I do not consider myself an athlete.  That is not my daily focus - and probably never will be.  I have been nurturing people for most of my adult life - 5 children.. and generations of girl scouts, church youth, various sports teams... you name it - if my kids did it... I headed it up!  And now I am working on ME!

My goal for the last few years has been to find a way to EAT and MOVE habitually that will sustain a healthy weight.  Seriously - I don't want to have to think about it much - so I want to create the habits that will get my body where God wants it to be and keep it there.

Habit changing is a BRAIN thing.  Thrive in Five is just that.... it is helping me with the mental work of changing my life to FIT my LIFE.  NOT create a whole new life all at once...... I don't need or want that.... I want to make enough personal changes that will help me the best I can be and still be the mom and friend my loved ones know!  (and maybe, just maybe, the people I nurture will pick up some of the good habits!)

So today is Day 1 (again)..... and I read and ponder about how my health is God's gift to me and it is my job to take care of it.  My job?  Stewardship of God's gifts is a HUGE priority of mine... I just never put my HEALTH in that category.

Hmm.... makes me look at that second (okay third) cup of coffee in a whole new light.  Guess I better get off the computer and run up and down the stairs a few times...  and then come back and look at the Action Steps Hannah Keeley has laid out for me...

AND... just so you know... I paid LESS for the program since I beta-tested it before it came up for general sale - but I have not been compensated in any way for blogging about it :-)  You are getting my take,, pure and simple.


As a little aside.... I published my first two blog posts on this day last year  How to Begin and Milestones for the 2011 Journey.  Click on the titles if you want to see how it all began :-)   Happy Birthday to my blogging!

Thanks for reading!

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