Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thrive in Five Update Day 13

Left early on this rainy Saturday to get my grandgirl to spend an overnight with me......  and am spending the day playing with her!

*****Thrive in Five Day 13*****

I keep having the visual image of nasty JUNK floating around in my bloodstream.... makes me look a little more carefully at the STUFF I am eating.... is it really food?  Does it nourish and strengthen me?  Or does it satisfy my tongue only and give me something to do?

Today was a chemistry lesson.... I get it.. not sure I care much.. but the message is the same regardless....  Good food - especially vegetables and whole grains close to nature is the healthiest thing to eat.  We KNOW this... we KNOW that food that is overly processed.. food that does not resemble it's original state... carries chemicals and additives that roam around your bloodstream doing damage.

The update is that I am still doing well...... I am learning and slowly implementing good changes to my diet!

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